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Fire Table Shopping Guide for 2021

A big step up from a small portable fire pit in terms of functionality and appearance, an outdoor fire table is one of the best ways to make a porch, balcony, or any other outdoor space feel more luxurious. Fire tables offer warmth on chilly nights as well as a peaceful ambiance to outdoor areas. Plus, you can often use them as dining tables by covering the fire feature with a glass lid. It is no surprise that fire tables have become a popular staple of modern homes, particularly for homeowners who enjoy entertaining. 

Whether you are building out an entire outdoor patio or are looking to add a fire pit table to your balcony, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to make an informed decision on a fire table.

Top Fire Tables Comparison & Review

There are a lot of high-quality fire tables on the market that can add that magic spark to your backyard or patio space. However, it can be exhausting trying to figure out which tables are well made and which will show wear after a few uses. To get you started with your search, consider the following options of the most highly rated fire tables.

Best for Dining and Entertainment: Granville Fire Table

best fire table for dining

  • $729.99
  • Espresso Brown / Slate Grey
  • L 44" x W 32" x H 24"
  • 96 lbs
  • Auto Ignition
  • Includes: 15.5 lb Arctic ice decorative glass rock set, pre-attached 3' hose + regulator
  • 50,000 BTU/HR, for use with a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank 

Featuring an award-winning design, the Granville Fire Table from OUTLAND LIVING combines functionality and elegance into a high-quality propane-powered fire table. Due to its large, rectangular area and ample space for plates, glasses, and stylish centerpieces, this patio table is ideal for hosting a party.

After dinner, simply remove the glass lid on the table and you can quickly and easily get the fire going with the auto-ignition button. Adjust the height of the flames with the chrome valve knob and watch the flames dance before your eyes. The stainless steel burner system stays hidden beneath shimmering arctic decorative glass rocks.

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Granville Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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While this table is built for permanence and durability, rather than portability, it is still under 100 pounds, so it can be moved if necessary. Whether you want to bring together family and friends, or you are looking for a fire dining table for a restaurant, the Granville is a fantastic choice. 

Best for Luxury with Space Constraints: Robson Fire Table

best fire table for small space

  • $729.99
  • Espresso Brown / Slate Grey
  • L 36" x W 36" x H 24.5"
  • 83 lbs
  • Auto Ignition
  • Includes: 15.5 lb Arctic Ice decorative glass rock set, pre-attached 3' hose + regulator
  • 42,500 BTU/HR, for use with a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank

The Robson Fire Table has a similarly elegant design to the Granville Fire Table, but with a reduced footprint. This allows it to be very versatile, working well as a coffee table or an intimate outdoor dining setup. It can be used alongside other patio furniture, like a sofa and end table, or it can stand alone with just a couple of chairs.

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Robson Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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The Robson still has plenty of tabletop space for plates, glasses, and snacks, but is easier to fit in a smaller area and lighter than the Granville. The beautiful resin wicker that wraps the frame of this table provides a tranquil and inviting feel to your contemporary patio space. Inside the table, there is enough space for propane tank storage when the table is not in use.

Best for Portability and Budget: Yaletown Fire Table

best budget fire table

  • $399.99
  • Black
  • L 30" x W 30" x H 24.1"
  • 64lbs
  • Auto Ignition + Thermocouple
  • Includes: 8.8lb Arctic Ice decorative glass rock set, pre-attached 1 m hose + regulator
  • 50,000 BTU/HR, for use with a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank

If you have limited space, like a balcony or a small patio, then consider the compact Yaletown Fire Table and you'll find a perfect fit. This table embodies a sleek, industrial design with a two-tone black metal body that will blend with any backyard furniture. It is lighter weight than the other tables by OUTLAND LIVING, which makes this one of the best portable fire pits for outdoor dining. It's also the most affordable table in OUTLAND LIVING's collection at under $400. 

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Yaletown Fire Table

The Yaletown Fire Table embodies sleek, industrial design with two-tone black metal body & tempered glass tabletop, while the compact size is great for areas of limited space.
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You'll be pleased to find that the Yaletown has the same BTU of heat as the Granville, so there is no sacrificing of flame height or quality just because it is a smaller table. The reflective tempered glass tabletop enhances the look of the flames to create a truly stunning display for cozy evenings at home. For more considerations when choosing a small fire table, consult this guide. 

fire table comparison

Best Wood Burning Fire Table: Sibosen Outdoor Fire Pit

  • $119.75
  • Gray
  • L 31.89" x W 31.89" x H 13.78"
  •  26.9 lbs
  • Fuel type: Wood Burning
  • Includes: Fire bowl, mesh spark screen cover with lid, log grate, poker, grill, and a waterproof cover

While a gas fire table is much cleaner and easier to use, some might consider a traditional wood-burning fire table instead. There are not a lot of wood-burning fire tables on the market, but this one by Sibosen has good overall reviews. It is square in shape with a central cavity that can either be filled with wood to build a fire or with ice to cool drinks. This classic wood fire table has an iron frame with black heat resistant finish as well as a waterproof cover to keep it from rusting when not in use. When you are burning wood, it is recommended to use the mesh lid to prevent embers and sparks from escaping. Keep in mind that at less than $120, this table may not last forever as the materials are likely not high quality.

Best Table for Serving Drinks: Best Choice Products 57" Gas Fire Pit

  • $599.99
  • Dark Brown
  • L 57" x W 22" x H 24.75"
  • 78.35 lbs
  • Includes: Glass rocks, burner lid, weather-resistant cover
  • 50,000 BTU/HR, for use with a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank

Long and slender, this fire table by Best Choice Products is a good option if you only want to use your fire table for drinks and appetizers. It has a heavy aluminum frame that is weather-resistant as well as a nylon protective cover for when the table is not in use. With 50,000 BTU, the heat output is comparable to the OUTLAND LIVING tables. If you have a restaurant, this table could be a nice complement to the Granville Fire Table so that you have one fire table for drinks and another for dining. For more advice on how to create a fire pit table set, take a look at this guide.

Fire Tables: What's Important?

When choosing which outdoor fire table to buy, it is essential to recognize what you want out of your fire table and where you will use it, as these questions will determine which features are crucial for you. Will your fire table be primarily used for dining, or do you just want a romantic bonfire atmosphere outdoors? Do you want a propane fire pit table, or do you want to connect it to your home's natural gas line? Knowing the answer to questions like these is critical to shopping for and buying a fire pit table.

That said, some features are universally important when considering a fire table for your home, business, or restaurant. For example, design and material quality are always going to be important considerations when shopping for a fire pit table. Products that have unsafe sharp edges, use cheap materials or lack proper weather protection will likely lead to a disappointing fire table that rusts or falls apart after a short period of time. Considering fire tables are often the focal point of outdoor furniture, you want yours to feel luxurious and have the proper safety features to protect your family and friends when they come over. Your fire table should be a wow-factor on the back patio, not something that is overlooked.

Heat and BTU

Any outdoor fire pit or fire pit table will come with a BTU/HR measurement. This is a British Thermal Unit measurement that shows how much heat a fire pit table can put off. Depending on your needs, this can be a critical part of shopping for a fire table as it will determine whether your fire table produces ample warmth to keep guests comfortable. Generally, if you are shopping for a table to use in a colder climate, higher BTU will be an essential feature on a fire table.

An important consideration when shopping for a fire table is that some fire tables generate high heat but don't allow you to control the flames. Once the flames of a fire table climb too high, it can become unsafe to use, especially on smaller outdoor patios or balconies. This issue is solved by advanced gas delivery systems that ensure high BTU output with safe and controlled flames. On all of OUTLAND LIVING's fire tables, there is a chrome valve knob that can be adjusted so that you stay in control of the height of the flames at all times.

Keep in Mind: 

  • Warmer Climates Don't Need Over 20,000 BTU/HR (But going over is never an issue!)
  • Cooler Climates Need Around 50,000 BTU/HR
  • High Altitudes Need Higher 50,000 - 70,000 BTU/HR

Design and Materials

The design and aesthetic of your fire table is a personal choice. Matching your table to your outdoor living space is often going to be the first consideration when it comes to materials. Whether you prefer contemporary woven wicker, an antique copper finish or stylish, clean aluminum, the best material is something that can only be determined by looking at your other patio furniture and decor.

That said, when it comes to build and material quality, there are important factors to consider. Always remember that you get what you pay for. Low-cost fire tables that use sheet metal and thin power coatings for weatherproofing tend to have sharp, unsafe edges. They also usually don't last very long. Even though you might save some money at the outset with products like these, you are not going to have a satisfying experience using a low-quality fire table overtime.

When looking at materials, it's good to look for sturdy and durable materials like stainless 304 steel and aluminum frames. Stainless 304 is one of the most durable materials that you'll find for a table and will ensure a long-lasting fixture for your outdoor space. Aluminum frames won’t rust, are lightweight, and will make moving and installing the fire table much more manageable.

Fuel Type

If you are installing a fire table at a location with access to natural gas and you think you'd like to use this fuel type rather than propane, then you should make sure the table you're buying comes with or offers a natural gas conversion kit as an accessory. Natural gas is a much cheaper option than propane, which can become quite expensive if the fire table is used extensively.

When it comes to outdoor propane fire tables, it's also important to consider where the propane will be stored. Many tables will offer storage within the table, which is often preferable to having the propane tank visible off to the side and the gas hose exposed as a trip hazard. Larger patio spaces may have areas to store the propane tanks, but most spaces will benefit from the safety, clean look, and convenience of included storage.

If you plan to use natural gas fire pit tables, confirm how the natural gas will hook into your system before purchasing a unit. This will make sure you pick a table that looks beautiful and works great in your space.


As was mentioned above, several factors can lead to a fire table being unsafe. Issues like uncontrolled high flames and poor build quality can lead to a dangerous product. Build quality is easier to determine before purchase, but for flame height and safety, it can be challenging to determine which fire tables are safe before you install them and turn on the highest setting.

Luckily, CSA Certification or Approval is a fantastic benchmark for determining the safety of a fire table. For example, Outland Living's fire tables are CSA approved for use during most fire bans, which demonstrates that their fire tables are safe to use for you and your home. Looking for CSA approval will ensure that you find a product that will look and work great in your outdoor space.

To learn more about fire table safety, consult this guide.

Accessories and More

Many manufacturers offer accessories for their fire tables, but not all of these are necessary to achieve a great experience, and many of them are add-ons designed for specific scenarios or to enhance the aesthetic value. The main accessories that are well worth the money and should be primary considerations when you are shopping for a fire table are

1. Glass Lid

Convert your fire feature into a safe dining space with a tempered clear glass lid that fully covers the glass rocks. The glass lids from OUTLAND LIVING come with chrome pull rings, as well as a storage bracket set for horizontal easy-slide storage within your fire table interior. When the lid is secured on the table, you can set items like dishes and glasses on it without a problem.

2. UV and Weather Resistant Cover 

Depending on how exposed the fire table is to the elements, a UV and weather-resistant cover will protect it from avoidable wear and tear. If you live in an area where there can be extreme storms like blizzards or hurricanes, it's always good to bring your fire table inside. While OUTLAND LIVING tables are made of durable materials, you should still take care of them as you would the rest of your patio furniture.

3. Wind Guard

As with a cover, this accessory varies in importance based on your local weather and where your table is going to be installed. For example, if your table is going to be set up on a high balcony, then a wind guard will ensure that it is useable on windy evenings. It is also a nice safety precaution if you plan to have children around your fire table. While it can get hot, it is still a visual barrier that discourages getting too close to the open flames. For the best experience, see-through glass wind guards will make sure you can still enjoy the beauty of the flames.

4. Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Finally, natural gas conversion kits are often sold as accessories. As was mentioned above, homes that use natural gas can save money by using one of these conversion kits.


Fire tables are often the most expensive piece of furniture on the entire patio, but buying the correct table for your needs is well worth the cost. When shopping, it's good to keep in mind that a high-quality fire table starts at about $400+. Below that price point, you won't find many high-quality outdoor products, which means it's good to consider $400 a minimum price, though tables can go up to several thousand dollars for built-in or custom designs.

Even amongst tables with similar prices, there can be massive value differences, with some companies offering impressive materials and firepower where others don't. An example of this is Outland Living's fire tables, which offer super-high-end features, premium designs, and durable materials that aren't offered by many tables that are under $1000. Shopping around and finding a table that provides high quality for a lower price will be well worth it in the long run!

Making Your Decision: The Best Fire Table

Shopping for a fire table is a very personal experience as a table that is perfect for one space might not work in another. For example, you probably want a large rectangular dining table, like the Granville Fire Table if you have a big family or plan to use the table in a restaurant. Someone who just wants to enjoy the table on their own in a small space, on the other hand, might prefer a compact square table like the Yaletown Fire Table. That said, material quality, safety, how it looks, and the heat output are the primary considerations that you should keep in mind when searching for the perfect table for your patio, balcony, back yard, or wood deck.

In addition to a new fire table, consider our shopping guides for propane fire pits & camping stoves.

Common questions

Am I allowed a fire table where I live?
Even in places with strict fire codes, the fire codes tend to be focused on open burning, which doesn't affect fire tables, propane fire pits or other controlled burning accessories. Always check with a local fire authority if you're unsure.
Is a fire table allowed outside?
Most fire tables are durable and more than sturfy enough to handle the elements, but harsh weather can lower the lifespan of your fire table. Using a cover when the fire table isn't in use helps! If there is ever supposed to be large storms like hurricanes or blizzards, bringing the fire table inside ensure that it won't get damaged.
Can a fire table replace a heater?
Though there are some very high BTU fire tables, the heat put off by fire tables tends to be quite localized. This means that it's enough to warm a small balcony, or a set of chairs set around the fire table, but it won't replace a heater for larger porches or outdoor spaces.
Are fire tables worth the cost?
While fire tables are often an investment, you will get years of use and joy out of a well-made version. Convertible fire tables can be used for both dining and sitting around the glow of the fire on a cold evening.