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Finding the Perfect Patio Table with Fire Pit

The patio is a perfect spot for hosting dinners. Who doesn’t want to dine outdoors, taking in fresh air while enjoying a natural view?

However, once the sun goes down your guests will probably feel a little cold unless you have a way to heat your patio. By using a patio table with fire pit built in, you can dine with a centerpiece that warms and illuminates your outdoor gatherings. Your visitors will appreciate the charm of a fire dancing across the tabletop, as the evening sets on.

The burners on the Outland Living line of patio fire tables provide between 42,500 to 50,000 BTUs of stellar warmth, allowing you to cozy up on your patio under the stars. The combination of patio furniture with a fire pit table is great for lengthening the amount of time you can spend outside. Visitors will appreciate the simple, refined style of our fire tables.

The addition of a patio propane fire pit table to your patio set will enhance your patio’s atmosphere. It’s an underrated choice, one that exudes both sophistication and pragmatism. The value of a functional centerpiece can be seen over time. Whenever you get out to the patio, you will want to use the firepit. The self starting system is easy to use and ignites in seconds. No more waiting for the fire to slowly grow, dealing with messy logs or pellets, or being thwarted by wet logs!


When compared with regular wood burning fire pits, patio tables with fire pits reviewed below have some notable advantages:

  • They are CSA approved, meaning they can be used during most fire bans
  • The fuel source burns clean and is hidden within the table
  • Glass covers ensure safety and keep the fire contained at all times
  • Compatibility with both propane and natural gas allows you to choose your preferred fuel
  • A self starting fire is fast and easy to start, and can be turned off in an instant

Comparison: Which is the Best Patio Fire Table For You?

Outland Living Series #403 Rectangular Fire Table

The series #403 Rectangular Fire Table is an attractive option if you are looking for a patio dining table with a fire pit built in. It features more surface area in relation to the fire pit and is able to seat parties of six plus. For patio dinners with extensive spreads and larger group gatherings, the #403 is an obvious choice. At 44” x 32”, it provides ample room for all your group gatherings on the patio.

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Granville Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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Outland Living designed the series #403 (and #410) with the goal of creating top tier quality patio fire tables. This meant incorporating a mixture of durable 304 stainless steel, high quality aluminum and tempered glass table tops. Both the square and rectangular models feature a combination of these reliable materials. Many other brands build fire tables with cheaper materials, which rust and weather poorly, compromising durability in order to turn higher profits.

Many other brands build fire tables with cheaper materials, which rust and weather poorly, compromising durability in order to turn higher profits. To give one example, the tempered glass table top material on #403 is 8mm thick and has a black enamel coating on the bottom which gives the glass a depth of reflection, accentuates the flame reflectivity, and improves the overall ambiance.

Functionally, the glass top is better than powder coated steel tops you’ll see in most low-price fire tables, because it won’t rust if scratched. This premium fire table top material is way more expensive than some of the alternatives, which is why many brands use steel tops to cut their costs.

The #403 Rectangular Fire Table has a robust construction, so it will last a long time providing you with safe, trustworthy heat. The powder coated aluminum frame is strong yet light, looks great and is weather resistant. The stainless steel burner kicks out a maximum of 50,000 BTUs, keeping you and your guests toasty even on breezy autumn evenings. This makes it ideal for year round use.


Because it is large and built from aluminum, glass and stainless steel, the #403 has a considerable amount of weight (96 pounds to be exact). This is something to be aware of, especially if you plan on moving it from your patio often. If you want to protect your patio fire table without moving it, we suggest purchasing a weather cover.

At just under $700, the series #403 provides an impressive array of premium features than many other fire tables don’t. It’s a gimmick free design that is built to last, and one of the best purchases you can make to improve your patio’s ambiance.

Outland Living Series #410 Square Fire Table

For smaller groups, the series #410 allows guests a more intimate seating arrangement that keeps everyone warm and comfortable. It features the same classic design as the #403 but brings everyone in closer proximity to the fire pit. For parties of four, the #410 provides the perfect amount of seating. Each side has an equal amount of table space, giving everyone enough room to eat a small plate or put down their drinks. This is a great choice for patio cocktail parties where table space is as important as ambiance.

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Robson Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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It also works well for patios with less space, and families looking to spend more quality time on the patio. The series #410 is 36” x 36” so it still has enough space for four people to sit comfortably and receive a good amount of warmth.

One of the great advantage of the smaller square fire pit table is that everyone gets to sit closer to the heat source when compared to a rectangular design. For winter and fall use, this extra proximity to the dancing flames is appreciated. Even though the series #410 provides less maximum BTUs than the series #403 (42,500 vs 50,000) the square design still keeps everyone warm. That said, if you’re looking to entertain larger groups then the rectangular series #403 is a better option.

All of the Outland Living patio propane fire pit tables have a similar rugged stainless steel, aluminium and tempered glass construction. This, alongside the powder coated finish, make them durable and long lasting patio accessories. The series #410 weighs 83 pounds not including a propane tank. While it’s certainly not lightweight, it is easier to move around than the series #403. This is something to take into account if you plan on bringing your fire pit table inside to protect it from the elements. The stainless steel is rust resistant, but it should still be wiped down frequently to prevent wear and tear.

Both the series #403 and #410 can be found at Outland Living’s website as well as some other online retailer’s like Amazon.

Outland Living Series #883 Mega Fire Pit

If you still need something a little smaller, the Outland Living mega fire pit is the best option to add some ambiance to your patio or backyard. Notably, the Mega Fire Pit isn’t a fire table, meaning that it doesn’t have table space for snacks or drinks around the fire itself, but it does offer fantastic heat and a perfect centrepiece for your smaller outdoor area.

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Mega Fire Pit

This propane fire pit is a classic, but also our largest in diameter – perfect for big backyard BBQs. This heavy-duty fire pit can stand on your patio all year long.
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The biggest advantage of the Mega Fire Pit, aside from the small size, is that, as a fire pit, it’s much more portable than the fire table options that Outland Living offers, which means that it’s perfect for a family or household on the go. Unlike a fire table, the Mega Fire Pit can follow you anywhere, whether you’re going to a friend’s backyard, or camping.

Despite its smaller stature, the Mega Fire Pit offers fantastic heat at 58,000 BTU/hr and is built with the same high-quality attention to detail, including rugged, durable construction and long lasting materials like other Outland Living products. It’s the perfect option for portability, or if your outdoor space is just a touch too small to accommodate a full fire table.