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Fire Pit Seating Ideas for 2021

A fire pit can form the focal point of any outdoor gathering. Choosing the right fire pit seating is just as important as the fire pit itself. We’ve got some great ideas and guidance here to help give you some inspiration to bring out the best in your fire pit! 

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Making the Best of Your Firepit Seating Area

Making memories and having a great time is what fire pits are all about. But just as with good photographs of a great time, you’ll want to frame your fire pit correctly. The best way to achieve this is by using your firepit seating area as the ‘dressing’.

Fire Pit Design Idea

The best place to begin is to look at the shape of your fire pit. By matching your seating design with your firepit you’ll be able to create a sense of symmetry and equilibrium, making the perfect space for relaxation.

If your firepit is circular then you may find that curved furniture draws the eye, and your guests, inward to a warm and inviting space. For square or rectangular fire pits you may want to consider an arrangement that encourages conversation and interaction, without leaving anyone out in the cold.

A Word on Fire Pit Safety

Whilst it is your space and you want to make it your own, constructing a firepit from scratch can ultimately be more expensive and time consuming, not to mention the numerous regulatory requirements. Often the simplest solution is to use equipment that has been certified and tested as safe. Outland Living offers a great range of fire pits and fire tables that burn different fuels in a safe and efficient manner, and ultimately may give you more choice in where you can install and use them.

Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Let’s look at some of the best outdoor fire pit seating ideas and how you can use various styles of fire pit seating to make your fire pit shine!

Square Fire Pit Tables

When it comes to firepit seating you are looking for something that looks great and allows you and your guests to socialize. Square fire pit tables work perfectly with concepts of symmetry. Here’s some great firepit seating ideas for square fire tables:

Sling Chairs

Fire Pit Design Idea

Simple comfort, and also customizable, what more could you want?

Sling chairs work perfectly with square fire tables. The first advantage is that you can position them in any way that you see fit. Not happy with the look? Then just move the chairs. They are comfortable without making the experience feel like guests are sat on a camping chair. Each occupant can position the chair to customize their level of warmth.

Match the color of the sling chairs to bring out elements of your fire pit. Browns and oranges work well with both copper colors and stainless steel.

Conversation Sets

Fire Pit Design Idea

Firepits are more fun when you are being social. As the name suggest conversation sets make an ideal choice for firepit seating.

By having a range of seating options, you can cater to individual guests and couple. Even if it is only yourself using the firepit, a spacious couch makes the ideal place to lie down and relax whilst watching the flames.

They work well as you can use various configurations to ‘box in’ your square fire pit. They can also be rearranged and moved depending on your requirements for the evening. The symmetry actually comes from the square fire pit itself, leaving you free to personalize your ‘frame’.

Sectional Sofas

Fire Pit Design Idea

An outdoor sofa is a pure joy, even more so when it is complimented by a fire table. 

An outdoor sectional sofa has one major advantage. They are supremely comfortable. You can use the upholstery of the sofa to add a splash of color to your outdoor firepit seating area and don’t have to rely on extra cushions to make it eye catching. It works well with a square firepit as it allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of the firepit without feeling too trapped or enclosed.

An ‘L’ shaped sofa will allow you to face your guests or sprawl comfortably with a book in hand, or maybe a nice chilled glass of wine?

Firepit Dining Sets

A roaring fire, great company and dinner! A fire pit table could encompass all of these things in one.

With just a few straight backed chairs you’ll have a table set up that will be the envy of everyone. We have talked about symmetry in a square fire pit. By arranging your dinner service in a geometric fashion, you can create a masterpiece of presentation.

Look for features such as wrought ironwork and detail on the backs of the chairs. Alternatively choose something super simple and use the odd splash of color in a cushion or blanket. This would work with either a square firepit or a rectangular firepit.

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Rectangular Fire Pits

Rectangular fire pits present a great deal of options. Consider using them as you would any normal outdoor table, with furniture to match, or treat it as a feature to elongate or shorten space.

A Single Long Sofa

Sometimes simple solutions are the best.  A single sofa is affordable and easy.

A long sofa perfectly complements the longer edges of a rectangular fire pit. You are creating a sort of parity. You and your guests on one side, the fire on the other, and you will all be facing the main feature. This setup is ideal if there is a view to be had over the firepit, or you want to showcase other great features such as a beautiful garden or water feature.

Dual Couches

Fire Pit Design Idea

To lead the eye elsewhere you’ll need straight lines, and lots of them.

Dual couches are the ideal way to do this. If you have the space point the long edges of the firepit table toward the feature and run your couches on either side parallel. The firepit table and couch set up will draw the eye and act like a runway towards the feature. This set up works well with larger groups especially, and if you are alone then all the more room to stretch out and enjoy some solitude.

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Granville Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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Round Fire Pits

Circular fire pits offer a great range of options. A circular fire pit seating area design encourages personal interaction as everyone is facing each other. They also present an efficient means of utilizing space as they have a smaller footprint than both rectangular or square fire pits.

When it comes to creating feelings of ‘balance’ circular firepit seating is ideal as there is no ‘head of the table’. All guests are equal. And there is less crowding when trying to sit or stand.

Here are our ideas:

Curved Benches

fire pit seating idea - circled benches

What better way to encourage openness and warmth than with an open circle, and a fire pit at its center?

Benches are ideal as seating around a firepit. They are easy to accessorize with comfortable cushions or a paint color of your choosing. Choose a contrasting color to draw attention to your fire pit.

The absence of chair arms between guests provides the ideal way to allow your guests to sit and cozy up on colder evenings.

Adirondack Chairs

Fire Pit Design Idea

The ability to be portable and dynamic has to be a big plus in arranging your seating.

Adirondack chairs go a long way in creating an ultra-informal and open space. They are comfortable and encourage guests to recline, and with the heat of the fire, are an optimal way to sit and relax.

You can tailor the number and position of the chairs so that regardless of how many guests you have, you will never have an empty seat or space. They can be arranged at opposite points or in semi-circular fashion, perhaps to highlight a view or panorama above and beyond the flames.

Integrated Circular Fire Pit Seating

By using a permanent seating configuration, you are creating an established ‘area’ for both socializing and relaxation.

By making your seating area permanent you are effectively turning your fire pit into a ‘room’ that just happens to be outdoors. Accessorize your space with either contrasting or complimentary cushions and throws. By creating a large seating area with the firepit as a focal point you can create a space that is suitable for many guests or just yourself. An open circle creates a feeling of space and freedom.

Enclosed Square Fire Pit Seating

Fire Pit Design Idea

Maybe you don’t want ‘open’? Maybe you want to feel really cozy? This is still possible with a circular fire pit.

You can have the best of several worlds with a square integrated seating system.  Everyone is seated either opposite or next to each other.

The square design, especially when your guests are all seated, creates a real feeling of togetherness, warmth and shuts out the outside world. The corners are great places for couples to sit within touching distance, or even friends yet unacquainted.

A square configuration of fire pit seating is actually really versatile as it can encompass either a circular fire pit or a square fire pit, and still bring a really strong feeling of ‘balance’.

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Mixed Fire Pit Seating

Ultimately it is your space, so you don’t have to be restricted by rules.

Perhaps a mix of two types of set up will give you the best of all worlds? Circular fire pits give a great deal of options and with many portable gas types you have the ability to place them on existing garden furniture. Mix benches and chairs to allow for different numbers of guests or go completely eclectic, placing the focus firmly on your firepit.

Fire Pit Design Idea


Fire pit seating is vital. It must be comfortable but also functional allowing you to really showcase the star of the show. It will depend heavily on your shape of firepit and how you intend to use it. If you are looking for a new firepit and have already got garden furniture why not take a look at some firepit tables that, along with our ideas, could compliment your outdoor space beautifully!

Our selection

Yaletown Fire Table

The Yaletown Fire Table embodies sleek, industrial design with two-tone black metal body & tempered glass tabletop, while the compact size is great for areas of limited space.
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