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Fire Pit Costs Guide: Prices & What You Get for Your Money

Why You Want a Fire Pit, and What Prices are Out There

If you're like many homeowners who are looking to add ambiance and warmth to their patio or backyard, a fire pit, table or bowl will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. That said, there are different types of fire pits out there, and the prices may vary widely, which can make it difficult to decide what the best option is for you. 


You will quickly learn that different wood fire pits, gas fire pits, gas fire tables and gas fire bowls may cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. So what exactly are you getting for your money? There is a reason that all of these products demand the price they do, as you will learn in this article...

What Are You Paying for in a Fire Pit?


It goes without saying, but fire pits have incredibly high safety standards. Simple things like the height of flames can affect how safe a fire table is, and whether it's going to be useable for you, your family and friends.

The technology that goes into a fire pit's burner and fire delivery system is advanced and the best fire pits on the market follow strict safety regulations while maintaining hot and enjoyable fire. A lot of the cost of the fire pit goes into the technology behind turning fuel, whether it's propane or natural gas, into fire.

Beyond the direct technology behind the fire pits, all of the materials used in a fire pit need to be high quality to ensure safety. For example, premium fire table companies like Outland Living use high-density polyethylene in their wicker designs to ensure that their products are long-lasting even when left in the sun. They also use high heat enamel coating in fire bowls and stainless steel in fire tables that will last hundreds of uses, which ensures there is never an issue with the fire table because of the constant heat exposure.

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Not to mention, Outland Living fire tables are designed with all aluminum frame construction, stainless steel burner tray and burner tube system components and screws for assembly; all these materials are long lasting and more weather resistant than steel materials offered by lower cost manufacturers.

Finally, an aspect that many buyers don't think about are sharp angles or improper welds on some of the cheaper options. Though it might seem like a small detail, ensuring high build-quality in the brands you buy from is going to make sure that there are no injuries from your fire table, no matter how often it's used.


One of the main reasons to add a fire table, fire pit, or fire bowl to your outdoor space is because they look amazing and drastically improve the landscaping of your backyard, or the ambiance of your patio. These impressive looks are actually one of the main things that you're paying for when you buy a fire table, as getting all of the complicated components into a beautiful package requires careful design consideration. 

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A big example of this is that the best gas fire pit tables have space to store your propane tanks, so they aren't on display for everyone to see. They also use high-quality fire glass rocks, ensuring that your fire is always beautiful, controlled, and safe to be around.

The fire glass rocks are a great example of what to consider when evaluating the total cost of your purchase. Low quality fire tables offer lava rocks to save cost; this can be deceiving because the customers typically end up buying fire glass rocks to upgrade their purchase anyway. 

If you're shopping for a fire table, there is also the additional cost of the dining space around the fire itself. Keep in mind, all of the materials used in a fire table, pit or bowl need to be high-quality fire-resistant materials. Each fastener should be made of materials like stainless steel to ensure a long-lasting experience. This is well worth it, but it does add to the cost of the product.

It is worth noting, that stainless steel should be the metal that you look for when shopping for fire products. Stainless steel burners may sound similar to other metals like carbon plated steel, but stainless steel is remarkably more durable and is going to last much longer in your outdoor space. It may slightly add to the cost of a fire pit, but it's well worth the investment.


Technically anyone could have a fire pit in their backyard by digging out a fire pit themselves and setting up a fire pit with pea gravel and some fire brick, but when you're building a DIY project it's almost impossible to guarantee that you're meeting the dozens of safety standards that companies like Outland Living are required to. This is one of the main things that lead to the cost of fire tables, the fact that they are built to last a long time, and do it safely is critical to making sure that you can enjoy fire comfortably.


Additionally, products made with some more expensive materials like stainless steel may cost a little more money, but you are definitely saving in the long run. High-quality fire pits are going to last years longer than their counterparts. For example, heat-resistant enamel coating on products will last for hundreds of hours of use, unlike powder coating which can burn, crack and peel within several exposures to direct flame. Spending a bit extra when you first buy the fire pit leads to not having to buy a second one for a long time.

Options and Accessories

Though they aren't always on the original price tag, high-quality accessories are an important thing to consider when valuing the price of a fire table. For example, if you have a home that runs on natural gas, companies like Outland Living offer gas conversion kits so you can connect their fire tables to your home natural gas line.

Additionally, outdoor fire pits will want to have a durable cover to keep the pit safe from the elements, and smaller propane fire pits that don't have space to keep the propane tank inside will also want a cover for the tank itself.

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Making sure that the accessories you buy are the same quality as the fire table, pit or bowl that you bought ensures that you get the most out of your original investment.

Are Luxury Fire Pits Worth the Money?

In short, absolutely. Though it might be cheaper to buy a fire pit that looks like a concrete block, the fire pit on your patio, or in your backyard is going to be the centerpiece of your space. Paying for the unique mix of durable and aesthetic building materials that fire tables use is well worth it to ensure that your backyard isn't only improved, but safe.

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Granville Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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In the end, estimate to spend almost two hundred dollars on a smaller fire pit, or almost seven hundred on a fire table, but the price is well worth it as long as you're ensuring that you're paying for things like stainless steel burners, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and thick enamel coatings. If the fire bowl, pit or table you're buying has all of these, you're going to have a long-lasting, and beautiful centerpiece well-worth the money.

Common questions

Why are custom, at-home fire pits so expensive?
The biggest reason for the cost of custom made fire pits is the industrial groundwork and landscaping that goes into making them. Between pavers, manual labor and all of the fire pit material that goes into making a custom fire pit installation, it can cost similarly to putting in a pool, but with more safety concerns. This level of complication is also why DIY fire pits are typically unsafe.
How can I save money on a fire pit or table?
One of the biggest ways to save money on a fire pit or table is to hook it up to your home natural gas line if you have it. Propane is a cheap and efficient fuel type, but it is still more expensive than natural gas and as such you can save by keeping your fire table connected. The second biggest way is, ironically, by not trying to save money the first time around. Fire tables and bowls are a luxury product and the best ones on the market are going to be fairly expensive, but last a long time. Attempting to cut corners with your fire table or bowl of choice will end up with you having to buy a second one much sooner, and spending more than you would have on the original, better option.