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Top 15 Patio & Backyard Must-Haves for All Seasons

Your backyard and patio are an outdoor extension of your living space. In fact, you will probably create many of your most cherished memories in your yard with friends and family.

But how can you make your backyard and patio comfortable throughout the year? In this guide, we are going to introduce you to backyard must-haves that will make your outdoor space a joy to spend time in during every season.

patio backyard must haves

Why You Need These Must-Have Backyard Items

Here are a few reasons it is worth it to invest in backyard must-haves:

  • Enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year. You work hard to maintain your lawn and garden, so why not make the most of them? Whether it is the hottest months of summer or the coldest months of winter, these items will ensure you can keep using your yard.
  • Enhance the beauty and ambiance of your yard and patio. The right year-round supplies for your outdoor spaces can improve their aesthetics, making them more enjoyable to yourself, your neighbors, and your visitors. Indeed, this is something you will even be able to appreciate from indoors looking out your windows.
  • Keep your plans more often. Tired of postponing or cancelling your backyard parties because of the weather? These must-have items can help you keep events on schedule.
  • Make gatherings and events more fun for everyone. Your guests will enjoy being comfortable in every season with these backyard conveniences.

15 Backyard Must-Haves for Every Home

1. Comfortable seating

One of the first supplies you should invest in for your backyard is comfortable seating. That may mean some combination of upright chairs, lounge chairs, or benches.

We recommend going with a product that has a clean, modern look that can complement any home exterior and outdoor décor style. One nice example is the Outsunny 7 Piece Modern Rattan Wicker Garden Outdoor Furniture Patio Set.

Since this is a modular product, you can reconfigure it as you like to suit your space or your changing needs or plans.

2. Propane fire pit

Our selection

Deluxe Fire Pit

This compact fire pit is identical to the Standard, but comes with a Cover + Carry Kit. This makes traveling convenient, while keeping your fire pit protected.
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Our next recommended product for year-round use in your backyard or on your patio is a propane fire pit. With a propane fire pit, you can enjoy heat and light, improving the comfort and ambiance of your outdoor space.

If burn bans come into effect seasonally in your area, you should not need to worry about them. So long as you go with a CSA-approved product like the Standard or Deluxe propane fire pit models from Outland Living, you should be able to continue using them. This is a massive advantage over a traditional backyard fire pit where you burn wood.

All fire pits from Outland Living feature high-quality materials and rugged, long-lasting design. You can adjust their flame heights to your needs, and enjoy the convenience of included accessories such as a hose and regular and a natural lava rock set.

Shop All Outland Living Fire Pits

3. Propane fire table

Our selection

Robson Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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Speaking of propane appliances that provide heat and light for your outdoor spaces, we also can recommend purchasing a fire table for your patio if you do not already have one. You will be especially happy to cozy up to your fire table when winter rolls around!

Propane fire tables by Outland Living are sleek, stylish and modern, built of durable materials, and CSA-approved.

Consider the Yaletown, Granville, or Robson models depending on how large or small your patio space is.

Shop Outland Living Fire Tables

4. Mood lighting

Propane fire tables and pits can provide you with some wonderful mood lighting throughout the year. But there are other mood lighting products you might also want to consider, especially in your garden.

To start, you should consider picking up an attractive set of solar garden lights that you can set up along your walkways to illuminate the paths between your plants.

You might also want to think about hanging some solar string lights, perhaps with a fanciful and distinct design.

5. Outdoor storage

You are going to have a lot of outdoor supplies that you want to keep conveniently available on your patio or deck, but which you do not want cluttering up your space or aesthetics.

One idea is to consider picking up a two-in-one product like the Keter Solana 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box. It looks like a regular patio bench, except that the interior offers you a large amount of storage space, perfect for getting items big and small out of sight and protected from the elements.

6. Propane torches

Our selection

1lb Tank Tonga Torch

This torch will set the scene for any evening get-together. Features tri-pod base and includes 1' hose with regulator and a tank holder for your 1 lb mini propane tank.
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Another way to enhance your yard or patio with mood lighting is to get a set of tonga torches, like those that Outland Living makes.

7. Awnings or umbrellas

While you want year-round illumination in your outdoor spaces, sometimes, there is too much light. While you are most likely to be overwhelmed by the bright sun during the summer, do not underestimate how easy it is to get sunburned even in the winter.

patio backyard umbrella

If the blazing sun is getting to you, then you are going to need some type of sun shade. If you want to cover your entire patio or deck, a retractable patio awning is worth considering.

Alternately, you may just want to purchase a large umbrella for your deck.

8. Portable stove

One of the handiest all-season products you can get for your backyard is a portable, lightweight stove.

The Outland Living Summerland Stove features three burners, two prep surfaces, folding legs, wheels, and a pull handle. You can move it easy around your backyard as needed throughout the year.

9. Cushions, blankets, and pillows

One way to make your patio look and feel comfier and more inviting throughout the year is to stock up on patio cushions and pillows as well as warm blankets.

For example, there are lumbar throw pillows on the market that are weather-resistant and attractive to the eye, providing you the support you need to relax on your patio in total comfort.

A few camping blankets will come in handy throughout fall and winter, and may also be useful on some cooler spring and summer nights.

10. Conveniences for food and beverages

Did you know that there are a lot of clever products that make it easier and more convenient to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages outdoors?

One example is the set of Party Garden Stakes that Cuisinart offers. You can push these colorful stakes into the ground, and then use them to hold your drinks when you are playing backyard games. 

You can attach it to a post on your deck, a railing, or anywhere else outdoors where you want it to be convenient for you to remove a cap from a bottle. It will save you from taking trips inside to look for a regular bottle opener in your kitchen.

11. Server carts

Do you host a lot of outdoor parties? A stylish server cart will make your life a lot easier when you are ready to bring food and beverages out on your deck or patio to your guests.

12. Vertical Gardens

Our selection

Terrace Vertical Garden

This convenient space-saving solution provides maintenance-free gardening, consisting of a steel frame with food-safe bins.
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Have a compact outdoor space you want to be more functional and beautiful throughout the year? Vertical gardening supplies are definitely among your outdoor patio must-haves.

Outland Living makes it easy with products such as the Greenwood, the Fernie, and the Terrace. With rotating, food-safe bins, these vertical gardening products can even help you grow herbs or vegetables for your next backyard party!

Shop Outland Living Gardening Products

13. Canopy tent

Previously, we mentioned setting up an awning or umbrella on your deck or patio to provide you with some shade and shelter. A great option for your yard itself is a pop-up canopy tent. You can even set up sidewalls for a canopy tent if you need extra protection from wind or rain.

14. Brooms

How can you keep your deck and patio clean and clear of debris throughout the year? A couple of brooms are patio must-haves.

A regular broom is a great option for late spring, summer, and early autumn. What about late fall, winter, and early spring? Get a 2-in-1 snow broom and ice scraper.

15. Décor

Finally, there are a ton of decorative items you can find for patios, decks, and gardens. So, after you have taken care of the practical must-have backyard items we have recommended, be sure and pick up some outdoor décor to beautify your space and express your personality.

Final Words

Get the Most Out of Your Outdoor Space With These Year-Round Yard and Patio Must Haves

We have now gone over the top items that are must-have for outdoor patio use throughout the year.

With these supplies, you can transform your outdoor spaces so that they are welcoming and enjoyable in every season. Enjoy relaxing on your porch or throwing an unforgettable backyard party!