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Size Matters: Best Small Fire Pit Tables on the Market [2021]

If you have a compact deck or patio, you may be looking for a small fire pit table to bring warmth and ambiance to your backyard. 

In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the best compact fire tables on the market. But first, let’s go over some features that are important to look for in small fire tables.

What Features Should You Look for in a Small Fire Pit Table?

1. Dimensions

The first important consideration is, of course, the dimensions of the fire table. You will want to begin by figuring out your ideal layout for your patio furniture, and then measuring the space you have available. Make sure that the fire pit table you are thinking of purchasing will fit in the space you have available, while still leaving sufficient clearance on all sides.

CSA provides guidelines for clearance. Find out more about clearance and explore answers to common questions about fire table safety.

2. Weight

Don’t have room on your deck or patio to keep your fire table out all the time? Then you are going to want a portable fire pit table that you can move out of the way when necessary. In fact, it should be easy to stow away. Compact dimensions will help with that, but so will a lightweight design.

In such cases, you will want to avoid heavy materials like concrete. An aluminum or steel fire pit table will offer better portability. 

3. Room to Stow a Propane Tank

When you have limited space to work with, it is ideal if you do not need to set up the tanks for your propane fire pits separately. Instead, see if you can find a model that has room to store a 20-pound propane tank underneath the table itself. 

3. Materials and Construction

When shopping for propane or natural gas fire pits, regardless of size, it is essential to make sure that they are ruggedly-designed and ready to weather the elements. Indeed, with a small fire table, it is especially important to make sure the manufacturer has not cut any corners with materials or construction.

Look for a sturdy aluminum frame with powder coating to protect it from rust, and a stainless steel burner. Make sure that the powder coating on the frame is nice and even, and that there are no gaps. 

For additional considerations when choosing a durable fire table that will be a fit for your climate and elevation, we suggest taking a look at our outdoor fire table guide.

4. Appearance

Your fire table is going to be the centerpiece for your deck or patio. That means that while browsing tabletop fire pits, you should not only think about functionality, but also about aesthetics.

Pick a product with a style that will complement your outdoor space. If in doubt, we recommend a modern look, since it can blend well with any décor and architecture.

Pay close attention to the design of the tabletop, as this will impact not only the overall look of your fire table, but also the appearance of your flame.

5. Accessories

Last but not least, consider what accessories come with the product you are thinking of getting, as well as those that are compatible and available for separate purchase.

You are going to need a starting set of glass rocks or lava rocks. You may also want to shop for a propane tank cozy when you are picking out a fire table.

Top Small Fire Table Options for 2021

Now that you are familiar with some key features that are important when looking for a small fire table, let’s take a look at some top products to consider for enhancing your outdoor living space.

1. Outland Living Yaletown Fire Table

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Yaletown Fire Table

The Yaletown Fire Table embodies sleek, industrial design with two-tone black metal body & tempered glass tabletop, while the compact size is great for areas of limited space.
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For a compact fire table that boasts excellent ease-of-use, sturdy materials, and a sleek modern design, we recommend the Outland Living Yaletown Fire Table. 

  • L 30" x W 30" x H 24.1"
  • 64 lbs
  • Dual-tone black
  • 50,000 BTU/HR
  • Use with 20-pound propane tank
  • CSA-approved

Why Consider This Fire Table?  

The Outland Living Yaletown is the most compact fire table on our list. At 64 pounds, it is also relatively lightweight and easy to move if necessary. Its 50,000 BTU/HR heat output should produce an ideal flame in most altitudes and climates. 

Just by pushing, turning, holding, and releasing the easy-grip knob, you can turn on the table using auto-ignition. You can also adjust the height of the flame to suit your preference.

The table is compatible with a 20-pound propane tank, which you can stow underneath it, saving patio space. Depending on how you adjust the smoke-free flames, it can run for 8-12 hours before you need more propane. 

Moreover, it is a durable product built to last. It can withstand exposure to plenty of rainfall without rusting thanks to its powder-coated aluminum frame with carbon steel panel inserts. Connection points can also withstand rainfall and humidity since they are made of stainless steel. The same goes for the burner.

Something else we like about this table is that it not only is CSA-approved, but it has a built-in thermocouple safety device.

The appearance of this table also is one of its selling points. The body of the table is two-tone black metal, and the top features glossy black tempered glass. When the flame is burning, it reflects in the glass for a gorgeous effect you won’t find with every other table on the market. The square shape and the simple, elegant design make for a sophisticated modern look. 

Included with the Outland Living Yaletown Fire Table are a pre-attached 1 m hose with regulator, a stainless steel square burn tray, and 4 kg of Arctic Ice decorative glass rocks. A range of optional accessories are on their way for this product, including a soft cover.

One more reason to consider this fire table is its price. While it is not the cheapest option on the market, it offers superior quality at a lower price than many competing tables. That makes it one of the top values that are out there.

Keep in Mind

If you live in a high altitude, you might need a higher heat output. But 50,000 BTU is appropriate for homeowners in most locations. 

2. Outland Living Robson Fire Table

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Robson Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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Another option from Outland Living worth thinking about for a compact fire table is the award-winning Robson.

  • L 36" x W 36" x H 24.5
  • 83 pounds
  • Espresso Brown or Slate Grey
  • 42,500 BTU/HR
  • Use with 20-pound propane tank
  • CSA-approved

Why Consider This Fire Table?  

The overall design of this fire table is similar to that of the Yaletown. It has the same modern square shape, but is a little bit larger at L 36" x W 36" x H 24.5. It shares the Yaletown’s black tempered reflective glass tabletop, but has a somewhat different look and feel thanks to its hand-woven resin wicker wrapping. 

This product also features a powder-coated aluminum frame that is right for any climate. The burner, fasteners, and burn pan are rust-resistant stainless steel. 

Included with your purchase of this product are a pre-attached hose and regulator and a set of glass rocks. Compatible accessories include a glass lid, glass wind guard, durable cover, and natural gas conversion kit. The wind guard can provide protection against sparks and embers. The lid can provide you with an eating surface, eliminating the need for a dining table on your small patio. 

Keep in Mind

This fire table has a slightly lower heat output than the Yaletown. So, if you need a higher heat output, consider going with that product rather than this one.  

3. 17 Stories Giuliana 24'' H x 33'' W Concrete Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Table

small fire table

If you are interested in a small concrete fire table, you might think about the 17 Stories Giuliana 24'' H x 33'' W Concrete Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Table.

  • 24'' H x 33'' W x 33'' D
  • 80.25 lb.
  • 50,000 BTUs

Why Consider This Fire Table?  

This table is relatively compact, but it is just slightly larger than the Outland Living Yaletown. Considering it features a concrete finish, it is surprisingly lightweight. Its modern look should be a good fit for a wide range of patio and deck environments. 

Keep in Mind

This table is still heavier than the Yaletown, so not the best choice from a portability standpoint. Also, while the concrete surface is appealing, the tabletop will not reflect the flames in the lovely way that tempered glass does. 

4. Latitude Run Jerril 25'' H x 36'' W Polyresin Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Table

One more option that may be of interest is the Latitude Run Jerril 25'' H x 36'' W Polyresin Propane Outdoor Fire Pit Table. 

  • 25'' H x 36'' W x 36'' D
  • 52 lb. 
  • 40,000 BTUs

Why Consider This Fire Table?  

This product is similar in size to the Robson, and likewise features wicker design. Indeed, its overall shape and appearance are not all that far off, though it has a beige finish. As a result, its look is not quite as modern and refined as the Robson’s. 

Keep in Mind

This product is more expensive than the Robson. It also features a slightly lower heat output. 

Verdict: The Best Small Fire Table

Now you have our recommendations for small fire tables to consider for your outdoor living space. Overall, our top recommendation for the best small fire table is the Yaletown. With its light weight, compact dimensions, breathtaking modern design, and rugged materials, it will provide you with long-lasting performance while conserving space on your deck or patio!

Our selection

Yaletown Fire Table

The Yaletown Fire Table embodies sleek, industrial design with two-tone black metal body & tempered glass tabletop, while the compact size is great for areas of limited space.
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