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Trellis Garden Mastery: Elevate Your Gardening Skills

Calling all green thumbs! Are you ready to take your gardening skills to the next level? In recent years, the growing gardening trend emphasizes sustainability and home-grown vegetables. The iconic trellis garden is the easiest way to transform any outdoor space, whether you’re living in the countryside or have a small balcony as your outdoor living area.

How Do I Make My Garden Stand Out?


Vertical garden



Your garden should appeal to your senses. You want to blend colors and smells to create an at-home paradise that gets you spending more time living outdoors. Whether that is a relaxation oasis or a masterpiece of art for viewing pleasure. The first step to making your garden stand out is figuring out what appeals to you.

Take a drive around your local neighborhood and look for things that catch your eye. No two garden designs are ever the same, but there are popular garden trends you can explore to elevate your outdoor space.

You don’t have to invest in professional landscaping to transform your outdoor space. The gardening tools you have at home and extras like plant bins are all you need to get started. Elevating your garden doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Statement pieces like a trellis garden are affordable investments to make your garden stand out.

1. Group plants by colors or themes

Use your gardening tools to group plants by colors or themes before putting them into the soil. Choose a color or style for each garden planter bin and place them strategically around your outdoor space. You might choose a focus plant and accentuate it with smaller plants of a similar theme or color in nearby planters.

2. Choose a feature piece

You can make your garden stand out with a feature piece. Choose something that suits your personality and décor aesthetic, naturally drawing the eye as your guests walk into your garden. Outdoor art is one of the biggest garden décor trends for 2024, from wall-mounted frames to patio furniture. Your feature piece should be a talking point and what you design the rest of your outdoor space around.

3. Outdoor fireplace

Elevate your garden and create an outdoor living space to enjoy all year round with a fireplace. You can choose between a sleek fire table or a space-saving fire pit that’s portable for taking on the go. An outdoor fireplace is ideal for entertaining to keep your guests together and using your garden once the sun goes down. Fire tables and pits are safer options for gardens, especially if you have pets or children, as they are propane-powered and smokeless.

4. Grow your own vegetables

Bring out your gardening tools and develop your green thumb by growing your own fruit and vegetables. A trellis garden means you can grow vegetables without needing a large outdoor space as it utilizes height over width. Fruit and vegetables you grow at home are packed full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, giving you the best taste and nutrition possible.

5. Invest in outdoor furniture

The most popular home gardening method as of late is container gardening, utilizing raised garden beds and vertical trellis gardens to maximize space. Container gardening is the perfect way to start your at-home gardening journey, whether you have a balcony or patio garden.

What is a Trellis Garden?

trellis garden

A trellis garden uses a layout of vertical trellis that is ideal for climbing plants. Outland Living Rosedale Trellis offers natural drainage, using rectangular felt grow bags with durable metal built in, allowing climbing plants to grow easily in any outdoor space. Alternatively, you can set up a trellis garden anywhere in your backyard, letting it double as functional décor. This simple garden structure ensures that your plants grow vertically, maximizing your space as an alternative to planter pots. You can either put a trellis garden outdoors or inside while bringing the beauty to life within your garden, or provide a sustainable source of food.

The History of Trellis Gardens

Trellises have a rich history as a signature garden design. The most famous trellis gardens are at Versailles and were designed by Andre Le Notre, a landscape architect, on behalf of King Louis XIV. It made trellises a trend for formal gardens in Europe, with the design eventually being adapted for traditional gardening as well and is even gaining popularity today.

Things to Consider with a Trellis Garden and Trellis Gardening Ideas

  • What You’re Growing in Your Trellis Gardens
  • Location of Your Trellis Garden
  • Trellis Gardening Vegetables

Meet the Rosedale Trellis Garden


Vertical garden trellis



You’ll need a footprint space of 18 inches x 31.25 inches with 66 inches of height space for the Rosedale Trellis Garden. Its stand-alone design means it can be set up anywhere from a balcony to your patio.

The Rosedale Trellis Garden is designed for climbing vegetables and flowing vines with a large 11-gallon felt grow bag and 56-inch tall steel trellis. You can also use your gardening tools to plant flowers like morning glory and climbing roses. It’s a long-term investment as the Rosedale Trellis Garden is built with a powder-coated steel frame and stainless-steel fasteners to give you years of gardening fun.

Elevate Your Gardening Skills with Outland Living


Garden bin


Take your outdoor living space to the next level with our gardening tools and garden beds. Explore the latest arrivals and compare our most popular garden models here. Keep track of the climbing vegetables and plants in your trellis garden with our 30-pack of plant labels.

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