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16 Housewarming Backyard Gifts for Garden, Backyard, Patio

Have you been invited to a housewarming party for a family member, friend or neighbor? Then you are going to need to present them with a gift to welcome them to their new home.

One thing you might consider is picking out some housewarming backyard gifts that will help them to get the most out of their new outdoor spaces.

Below, we introduce you to some top gift ideas for the patio, garden and backyard.

Housewarming Backyard

Best Housewarming Patio Gifts

We’ll start out by going over some ideas for housewarming gifts that are great for the patio or deck.

1. Fire pit

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Standard Fire Pit

This lightweight propane fire pit can go with you whenever you need a little warmth. Our original fire pit is easy to set up and simple to use.
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One of the absolute best housewarming gifts you can give your recipient for their patio or deck is the gift of literal warmth!

A CSA-approved propane fire pit that is safe to use during burn bans can offer your friend or neighbor year-round heat and light.

A model such as the Standard fire pit by Outland Living is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. It comes with everything your recipient will need to get started, and will offer years of enjoyment.

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2. Fire table

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Yaletown Fire Table

The Yaletown Fire Table embodies sleek, industrial design with two-tone black metal body & tempered glass tabletop, while the compact size is great for areas of limited space.
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Another option for a literal housewarming gift for your recipient’s patio is a fire table. Outland Living manufactures several different models that are stylish, rugged, and a breeze to set up and use. With their modern design, they instantly create an atmosphere of luxury in any location.

If you want to learn more about choosing fire tables, you can take a look at this article.

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3. Citronella candles

If the housewarming party is taking place during the summer and you are looking for an inexpensive gift, one idea is to send over some citronella candles to help keep insects at bay.

4. An outdoor rug

How can you instantly transform any patio space to make it feel more cozy? While a fire pit or fire table is one phenomenal idea, another is to buy your recipient an outdoor rug.

Of course, you will want to have a pretty good feel for your recipient’s personal style if you decide on this gift idea. You won’t want to get the color wrong or choose a pattern that won’t mesh with the look your recipient wants for their patio.

5. Tonga torches

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20lb Tank Tonga Torch

This torch will set the scene for any evening get-together. Features tri-pod base and includes 10' hose + regulator suitable for a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank.
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Another way to bring luxury, light, and atmosphere to your recipient’s patio or backyard is to buy them a set of tonga torches.

Outland Living Tonga Torches are powered by propane and are lightweight and portable. That means that your recipient will be able to move them to any location in their yard with ease.

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6. Warm blankets

When the weather starts getting chilly, your recipient is still going to want to use their outdoor spaces. The gift of a fire table or fire pit can certainly help make their patio warm and cozy, but you can also provide them with additional warmth with a set of large waterproof camp blankets.

7. An umbrella

No matter the season, one of the most useful all-around gifts you can bestow upon your recipient as a housewarming present is a patio umbrella. Bright sun can be uncomfortable during the summer, and can cause sunburn in any season, including on winter days.

So, your recipients will greatly appreciate having a bit of shade as they relax or dine on their deck or patio.

Top Housewarming Garden Gifts

Now that we have shared some gift ideas with you for the deck or patio, let’s go over a few possibilities for the garden.

backyard gift patio lights

8. Tools for gardening

For the recipient who is just getting into maintaining a garden (perhaps after moving from a small urban apartment to a home in the suburbs), a set of heavy-duty steel gardening tools can make an excellent housewarming gift.

9. Vertical gardens

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Greenwood Vertical Garden

This convenient space-saving solution provides maintenance-free gardening, consisting of a steel frame with food-safe bins.
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Of course, it could be that your recipient still has only a small space in which to maintain a garden—or simply wants to experience the convenience of gardening right on their deck or patio.

If so, vertical gardening supplies are a great way to welcome them to their new abode. Outland Living manufactures several products for vertical gardening, including the 4-bin, 6-foot Terrace, the 4-bin, 4-foot Fernie, and the 5-bin, 4-foot Greenwood.

Shop Outland Living Gardening Supplies

10. Garden path lights

Tonga torches can help to illuminate your recipient’s lawn or patio. But what about the narrow pathways through their garden, where you cannot set up torches?

SEG Direct Solar Path Lights make a lovely housewarming gift for garden paths. With their waterproof design, they are great for all seasons, and they even feature a color changing mode.

11. A cute watering can

Don’t have a lot to spend on a housewarming gift, but still want to bring a smile to your recipient’s face? You can’t go wrong with an adorable watering can like the Bangerz Sunz Elephant Watering Can. In fact, this little watering can would be ideal for a vertical patio garden. When it is not in use, it can serve as a cute décor item.

12. A garden hose basket

Speaking of deck and patio accessories that are both functional and attractive, another idea to consider is a fancy garden water hose holde. With its sturdy steel and copper accents, it can help to tidy up the patio and improve its appearance.

Best Housewarming Backyard Gifts

We have gone over both housewarming patio gifts and housewarming garden gifts, but what about gifts specifically for the backyard?

backyard gifts

13. Portable stove

Our top recommended housewarming backyard gift idea is a portable propane stove like the Outland Living Summerland Stove. For the recipient that loves a good backyard cookout, this gift is a dream come true. It comes with two prep surfaces, three burners, and convenient auto-ignition.

With its folding legs, wheel, and pull handle, it will be easy for your recipient to place anywhere in their yard, or even pack up to bring on camping trips. If you sometimes go camping or enjoy cookouts together, you might get to use it too.

14. Trampoline

If you are in search of housewarming backyard gifts that are suitable for families, one good idea is a trampoline. A gift like this is guaranteed to be a hit with your recipient’s children. Plus, trampolines are actually great for fitness for users of all ages, so it makes an excellent gift idea for adults too.

15. Pool toys

Looking for more ideas that are fun for entire families? If your recipient has a swimming pool in their backyard, a set of pool toys can make a great gift for parents and children alike. You might even consider a pool volleyball net that comes with everything needed to play the game.

16. A floating beverage bar

One more idea for a pool-themed gift is a floating beverage bar like one from DIVEBLAST. That product has a pretty generic design, so it should be suitable for most recipients. But you can also find products with fun designs like clouds, pineapples, unicorns, islands and more.

Final Words

Your Recipient Will Love Any of These Housewarming Backyard Gifts

Now you have some ideas for housewarming gifts for the backyard, garden and patio! Any one of these items should be a hit with your recipient. Enjoy giving the gift of outdoor convenience, comfort, ambiance and fun.