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Cool Backyard Stuff for Your Patio, Lawn and Garden

When you first picked out your home, you probably looked at the yard and imagined its amazing potential. But have you realized that potential yet?

Your outdoor spaces can become your own private getaway, but only after you add the features you need to make your lawn, garden and patio truly your own!

Let’s check out some cool backyard stuff that can transform your outdoors into the perfect spot to relax or entertain.

Cool Backyard Stuff for Backyard Ambiance and Outdoor Entertaining

To get started, let’s take a look at some things to put in your backyard that improve the overall look and feel of your yard.

1. A Portable Propane Fire Pit

cool backyard stuff  - a fire pit

A fire pit is a feature that can create a visual focal point while also offering warmth for chilly evenings. For small yards, decks, or patios, consider a propane model from the Outland Living line of Backyard Propane Fire Pits. These fire pits are compact, portable, and made with durable outdoor materials and quality technology.

You can use them safely even in suburban or urban settings as they have passed stringent safety tests and are CSA certified. Looking for CSA approval will ensure that you find a product that will look great and work safely in your outdoor space. Often, you can still use CSA approved fire pits even during fire bans.

Our selection

Standard Fire Pit

This lightweight propane fire pit can go with you whenever you need a little warmth. Our original fire pit is easy to set up and simple to use.
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2. A Wood Fire Pit

While propane fire pits are ideal for small spaces, another option is to go with a wood-burning fire pit. We recommend this type of fire pit if your goal is to capture the traditional campfire experience or if you want to use your fire pit for cooking.

cook backyard stuff - wood fire pit

Just keep in mind that not all areas permit you to burn wood throughout the year. So, check with your local regulations before you pick this type of fire pit. If regulations do not allow it, they may still allow a propane fire bowl.

For an enhanced safety profile, the Outland Living Oakridge Wood Fire Pit includes a protective mesh lid. Both the Outland Living wood and propane pits are built out of sturdy weather-resistant steel for long-lasting performance.

Get more recommendations on choosing the type of fire pit that is right for your needs.

Our selection

Oakridge Wood Fire Pit

This wood-burning fire pit is perfect for cooking and keeping warm in the backyard – fully accessorized with a protective mesh lid, grill grate, and poker tool.
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3. Outland Living Backyard Fire Table

If you like the idea of a fire pit on your patio, but you prefer something with a sleeker modern look, you might consider a fire table instead.

cool backyard stuff - fire table

Outland’s award-winning tables are powered by propane and feature auto-ignition. Regardless of the model you choose, you get an included Arctic ice glass rock set to create an even more mesmerizing look . If you have strong winds in your area, be sure to get a glass guard for your flames from Outland as well.

Our selection

Granville Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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4. Propane-Powered Torches

If you are looking for an effortless way to make your backyard feel like paradise, Outland Living’s Tonga Torches can bring atmosphere to your lawn or patio.

cool backyard stuff - propane torches

Powered by propane for convenience and built out of lightweight-yet-strong steel with a tripod base for extra stability, these torches enhance aesthetics while also fulfilling a functional purpose. Set up a torch or two on your patio next to your seating, or use them to illuminate a pathway through your yard.

Our selection

20lb Tank Tonga Torch

This torch will set the scene for any evening get-together. Features tri-pod base and includes 10' hose + regulator suitable for a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank.
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5. A Hammock

A hammock is where rustic and luxury meet. There is nothing quite like kicking back in one and letting the soft breeze and the sunshine wash over you as you drift off for a peaceful afternoon nap.

cool backyard stuff - hammock

A hammock suspended from a pergola also enhances your landscape, making your entire yard look instantly more inviting.

6. A Special Reading Nook

Although a hammock makes for a good spot to take a nap, it is also ideal for reading a book. Consider incorporating a hammock into a special reading nook in your backyard.

While a hammock is one fantastic choice for a reading nook, it is not the only one to consider. For some extra shade, think about building a small gazebo, or even a shed. With a shed, you can even include cozy couches with pillows and blankets.

7. Backyard Streams, Ponds, and Waterfalls

cool backyard stuff - pond

If you are up for a DIY project—or for hiring a skilled aquatic landscaper—you can incorporate a water feature such as a stream, pond or waterfall into your yard. If you have a pond, you can even put fish in it! You will love watching the light from your Tonga Torches glistening on the water after nightfall.

Cool Items for Backyard Fun and Activities

Now that we have talked about how you can make your backyard more atmospheric, let’s check out some backyard entertainment ideas.

8. A Pool in Your Backyard

If you have the resources, you cannot go wrong with a backyard pool! Whether you are looking for backyard fun for adults or for kids, a swimming pool can provide for hours of summertime amusement. If you also put in a hot tub, you can enjoy your pool area even during the winter.

9. Patio Furniture

cool backyard stuff - patio furniture

For entertaining guests or just relaxing on your own, you will want some high-quality patio furnishings. To really facilitate outdoor entertaining, you can build your own set of modular wicker patio furniture. These furnishings consist of modular components that you can combine or detach and rearrange as you need to. That way you can customize your setup for every gathering you host.

10. Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Outdoor entertainment systems are a popular trend right now. Consider getting a projector for your backyard entertainment system to create a big screen movie experience in your own yard.

11. Summer Kitchen

No season of backyard fun is complete without a cookout! For the best patio party experience, you are going to want an outdoor summer kitchen.

cool backyard stuff - propane stove

Make your central feature the Outland Living Summerland Stove with three burners, multiple heat settings, and a four-hook utensil holder. The folding legs and wheels let you bring it anywhere you need it.

For more ideas for your outdoor kitchen, see our list of must-have outdoor kitchen appliances for the perfect cookout or patio party!

Other Things for Backyard Fun

We have gone over some ideas above for enhancing backyard activities like cookouts and movie parties. Here are a few more cool things to think of putting in your yard for everyday fun!

12. A Treehouse

What kid—or adult—doesn’t love a treehouse? While treehouses are traditionally associated with children, these days there are builders who are specializing in creating them as backyard escapes for people of all ages.

13. A Climbing Wall 

cool backyard stuff - climbing wall

Another idea for outdoor fun in your backyard is a climbing wall. Given the scale you’ll be working with, you will probably have an easier time building one for your kids than for yourself. But you can be sure they will have a blast scaling it when you are done!

14. A Play Area With a Sandbox and Tire Swing

For younger children, think about creating a play area that includes some fun features like a tire swing, a sandbox, and other backyard playground equipment.

15. A Vertical Garden

Think you don’t have room for a garden in your small outdoor space? Think again!

cool backyard stuff - vertical garden

You might be surprised at the possibilities with Outland Living Vertical Gardens and Gardening Bins.


Ready to Personalize Your Outdoor Space?

That wraps up our list of recommendations for how you can enhance your backyard. The ideas in this list can turn your yard into a beautiful, atmospheric place where you enjoy spending time, and make it easy to keep yourself, your family, and your guests entertained.

Have fun exploring the full potential of your lawn, garden, and patio!

Common questions

How do you make a boring backyard fun?
There are dozens of exciting backyard ideas you can consider. Along with those above, you can find many dozens more out there. Think about the activities you enjoy, and buy or build features that help you do those things in your backyard!
What do you do with a big, empty backyard?
A better question might be, “What can’t you do with a big, empty backyard?” The sky is the limit here, because you have so much space to work with. Some simple ideas for transforming your big, empty backyard include: ● Put in a swimming pool. ● Turn part of your yard into a beautiful garden. ● Build a treehouse for your kids or yourself. ● Maintain your large lawn and leave it the way it is so you have room for backyard games.
What should I build in my backyard?
You can build almost anything you want in your backyard so long as you have the space and materials you need. Just keep in mind that if you are putting in a shed, backyard office, treehouse, or other significant structure, you need to check the local building codes and the policies of your homeowner’s association. You might also want to talk with the people who live next door. Make sure that your structure is legal and will not cause trouble with your neighbors or HOA.