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Glamping Gear: 9 Essentials for 2021

Want to enjoy the majesty of the great outdoors while still luxuriating in the comforts and conveniences of home? Try taking a glamping trip! In this guide, we will introduce you to the campsite supplies and accessories you need to glamp in comfort and style.

But before we go over our list of recommended glamping gear, if you have never taken a glamping trip, you may want to learn more about this trend in outdoor fun. Let’s learn a bit more about what it means to glamp.

What Turns a Regular Camping Trip Into a Luxurious Glamping Expedition?

If you’ve never heard the term “glamping” before, or are not sure what it means, it is a combination of the words “glamour” and “camping.”

The idea is to camp in the great outdoors, but to do so more comfortably than you would with the traditional camping experience.

What constitutes such stylish camping is very much up to you to decide. Some people go all-out and book expensive stays at sumptuous retreats where everything is set up in advance.

Others bring their usual camping gear to a nice site with just a few extras such as a comfy mattress and some homey décor.

Still others choose a setup that is somewhere between these two ends of the glamping spectrum, taking extra time and effort to set up a cozy campsite with abundant conveniences.

Once a glamping site is set up, however, the effort involved with camping decreases. It becomes easier and more relaxing to cook, sleep and relax at your site.

glamping gear

Top Glamping Gear You Need for the Ultimate Outdoor Getaway

Now that you know a bit more about what it means to glamp, let’s go over some recommendations for luxury camping gear to consider for your next adventures.

1. Fire Pit

One excellent way to give your glamping site an instant upgrade is to get a portable fire pit. With a fire pit, you have a safe and convenient alternative to a traditional campfire. And if you go with a propane model, you usually will be able to enjoy the warmth and glow of the flames even if a fire ban is in effect (but you should always check, as there are exceptions).

Outland Living manufactures a line of high-quality CSA-approved fire pits made out of sturdy, weather-resistant stainless steel with a protective powder coating.
These pits are compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport them to your site. The Deluxe, Premium, and Cypress models even come with a carrying kit.
While the Deluxe is a great all-around choice for value, we recommend the Premium auto-igniting model for extra convenience.

Our selection

Standard Fire Pit

This lightweight propane fire pit can go with you whenever you need a little warmth. Our original fire pit is easy to set up and simple to use.
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If you will be glamping with a larger group, you can consider the Mega model. And if you want to really take the aesthetic of your campsite to the next level, you can consider the sleek Cypress model with its award-winning design.

glamping equipment

Prefer a wood-burning fire for your luxury camping experience? The Outland Living Oakridge model may be perfect for your needs.

What about fire tables? These are too cumbersome for most campers to consider setting up at their glamping sites. But if you happen to be a luxury campsite owner, setting these up permanently at some of your spaces can greatly enhance the ambiance of your sites and add value to your customer experience. Outland Living’s fire tables are sleek, modern and durable for a stunning effect and lasting performance.

2. Camp Chairs

glamping gear scene

The quality of the seating at your campsite will determine a lot about your comfort on your next outdoor vacation.

Investing in a set of sturdy camp chairs that offer plenty of support will reduce aches and pains after a day out exploring the wilderness.

Or you can just hang out at your campsite and lounge around in them all day. Either way, you’ll be happy you brought them.

3. Portable Stove

Want to make it easier to cook on your next camping trip? The Outland Living Summerland Stove offers the perfect combination of functionality and portability. Ideal for glamping or traditional camping, it features folding legs and can fit in the trunks of most cars.

When you set it up, you’ll have a roomy cooking surface with three burners and two prep surfaces. It offers you a much more enjoyable experience preparing meals than a typical camp stove would provide. Along with hot water for boiling, you’ll be able to cook foods in skillets.

As this portable grill uses propane for fuel, you can connect it to the same tank you use for your fire pit.

Built of high-quality steel for durability and featuring a powder coating, it can resist the elements and provide you with many years of delicious meals at your campsites.

4. Camp Mattress or Hammock

One of the toughest things about “roughing it” when camping the old-fashioned way is having to toss and turn in a sleeping bag on the hard, uncomfortable ground.

Give yourself the deep, refreshing night of sleep you deserve by bringing along a camp mattress or a hammock and some cushy pillows.

An air mattress is a great option, because it is compact and portable when it is deflated, but gives you plenty of comfy support once you inflate it in your glamping tent.

5. Luxurious Tent

Now, let’s talk about your glamping tent! You can choose any type of tent you want for a glamping trip, but a lot of people prefer cotton canvas tents, especially with a bell tent shape.

glamping gear scene

Why? They are durable, water-resistant, breathable, and attractive to the eye. Don't forget to set up netting for mosquitoes and other bugs.

If you expect rain on your trip, you can also hang a tarp above your tent and set some towels on a table for convenience.

Of course, there are alternatives to tents as well to consider. You could sleep in a camper or a bring trailers to your site.

6. Tonga Torches

Nothing says “vacation luxury” quite like a set of propane-powered tonga torches. Outland Living’s tonga torches are lightweight and easy to transport to your glamping site. But they are also sturdy enough to stand up to the weather.

Tonga torches illuminate your campsite while giving it an air of luxury. They confer a cozy atmosphere while also serving the function of lighting the way after dark, making it safer and easier for campers to find their way around.

Our selection

20lb Tank Tonga Torch

This torch will set the scene for any evening get-together. Features tri-pod base and includes 10' hose + regulator suitable for a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank.
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7. Decorative Mats and Blankets

We have talked about how you can use tonga torches and fire pits to enhance the ambiance outside your tent, but what about the ambiance inside your tent?
To spruce up your interior, consider putting down a decorative rug when you are getting set up. Some decorative light strings or lanterns can also create a beautiful atmosphere.

You might bring along a few ornamental items from home as well. Indeed, you want your glamping tent to feel like a little piece of home that you can bring with you anywhere you want to camp.

8. Electronics and a Power Source

Last but not least in our list of glamping equipment, you should consider packing some electronics and bringing a generator (or using a hook-up, if there is a power source on site).

glamping gear scene - powered lightbulbs

Some of the best glamping gear in the electronics department includes your laptop, a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, and a projector. That way, you can watch a movie.

Also consider bringing along other comforts you can plug in such as a fan to stay cool if you are glamping in the summer heat.

And of course, it should go without saying, but don’t forget a charging station for your mobile device!

9. Portable Coffee Maker

Nothing starts your day out right in the great outdoors quite like a hot cup of coffee. It can also be a great way to wrap up your day!

So, think about bringing a portable coffee maker along with you on your next glamping trip. Just this one little addition to your gear can totally change your experience of the wilderness.

All You Need for a Cozy Stay in the Wilderness

Now you are ready to join the other glampers out there who are taking their outdoor vacations to new levels of comfort and convenience.

With the luxury camping equipment on this list, you can enjoy the best of both worlds on your next trip: the cozy atmosphere of home, and the rugged splendour of the great outdoors!

Common questions

What do I need to bring for glamping?
Along with standard camping supplies, you will want to bring some additional comforts for a more luxurious experience. For example, you can bring a fire pit, outdoor stove, tonga torches, a camp mattress, cozy blankets, a coffee maker, and so forth.
What do you wear for glamping?
Comfy clothes with plenty of layers! If you will be doing hiking and other rugged outdoor activities, wear clothing appropriate for those activities, and be mindful of sun protection. If you will mostly be lounging around by the tent, anything goes. Just make sure you bring layers that are suitable for the changing weather.
How do you make a campsite cozy?
Decorate your tent with rugs, hangings, and pillows, hang some lights, set up some tonga torches, or put snacks and drinks on a table. Use your imagination. You’ll probably come up with plenty of other ideas.