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Choosing the Best Gas Fire Pit Table of 2021

In search of a gas fire pit table for your deck or patio? In this article, we are going to tell you what you need to know about gas fire tables—specifically those powered by natural gas. We will go over the key benefits of gas fire tables, the availability of fire tables that use natural gas, and some important considerations while shopping for this type of product for your outdoor space.

Did you find your way here looking for fire tables that use liquid propane? Take a look at this fire table product guide instead.


Why Consider a Natural Gas Fire Pit Table?

Many people prefer propane for a fire table because of its portability, convenience, and versatility, as well as the fact that it burns cleanly. But here are some reasons to consider natural gas for fire tables, fire bowls, fire pits, or other outdoor products:

  • One of the main reasons to use a natural gas fire table is because it will probably be less expensive to power than a propane fire table. If you already have a natural gas line ready, it makes sense to take advantage of it.
  • Although propane burns cleaner than natural gas, you will find that natural gas is still a cleaner choice than many other fossil fuels.
  • Not everybody has sufficient space for a propane tank, nor does everyone want to deal with the upkeep on a tank (i.e. covering it and taking care of it). Some people may find one unsightly as well.
  • Having to switch between different appliances and the same propane tank could be a pain.
  • It isn’t easy to go get a propane tank filled and then haul it back. They can get to be very heavy and unwieldy, especially climbing up or down from a wooden deck. Plus, if you forget to do it, you might find yourself without propane when you need it.

A natural gas fire table lets you set up a couple of patio chairs and enjoy a beautiful ambiance in the comfort of your own backyard without the hassles of a propane tank. And saving money with natural gas as your fuel type means having more of a budget for outdoor seating or other aspects of your setup.

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Why You Still Haven’t Found a Gas Fire Pit Table

Been looking all over for this product type, and still haven’t found it? The truth is, natural gas fire pit tables that only use natural gas are actually not easy to come by. Almost every product you will find for your modern outdoor space will be a propane fire pit table.

The Solution: Natural Gas Conversion Kits for Propane Fire Tables

Thankfully, there is an answer to this dilemma. Our expert advice is to invest in an outdoor gas fire pit conversion kit.

Every Outland Living propane fire table is compatible with the natural gas kit we sell. This kit includes the following components:

  • Natural Gas Valve (5/8”-18 UNF male gas flare inlet connector)
  • 12' Natural Gas Hose (5/8”-18 female threaded gas flare connector)
  • Quick Disconnect Coupling (3/8”-18 NPT female threaded inlet connector)
  • Instruction Manual + CSA Certification Tags

These fire pit kits are easy to use, even for beginners. They are also cost effective, especially considering that if using natural gas saves you money, a conversion kit can pay for itself over time.

How to Choose a Gas Fire Table: Key Buying Considerations

Now that we have talked about how you can use a natural gas conversion kit to turn your propane fire table into a natural gas fire table, let’s briefly go over some buying considerations.

  • Shape and dimensions: The size of your patio or deck along with your seating arrangement will determine what size and shape you need for your table top gas fire pit.
  • Materials and construction: A steel-frame fire table with rust-resistant powder coating, a sturdy design, and high-quality welding and parts will be able to stand the test of time and provide durability. Also look for a stainless steel burner.


  • Heat output: 50,000 BTU of heat (that stands for British Thermal Units) is a sufficient heat output for most settings and needs.
  • Ignition: Look for a handy electronic ignition feature for fast, easy, safe, push-button ignition instead of relying on a match light.
  • Style: Your natural gas fire table should complement the décor of your outdoor living space and be a good fit for your home’s architecture. Whether you want a modern or industrial feel, you should find lots of great options on the market.
  • Accessories: Along with a natural gas conversion kit, more compatible accessories to look for include a lid, a cover, and glass rocks or lava rock.
  • Cost: If you are choosing natural gas for your fire table in part for the cost savings that go with that fuel type, you probably are concerned about your initial cost outlay as well. We do not recommend going with a cheap table, but you do not need a really expensive one either. You can find excellent value in a moderate price range.

Learn about these considerations in more detail in our Propane Fire Pit Table Shopping Guide for 2021.

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Robson Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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Now you know all about natural gas fire tables. Even though the average gas fire table uses propane, you can get a conversion kit so that it functions as a natural gas fire pit. You also now are familiar with some important buying considerations. Good luck choosing the best natural gas fire table for your needs. Take a look at our collection of fire tables, and don’t forget to pick up our natural gas kit.

Common questions

How can you use natural gas with a propane fire table?
Just use a conversion kit to connect your fire table to your natural gas line.
Which is better for me, a propane or natural gas fire table?
That is a decision only you can make. You will need to weigh factors such as your existing setup, how much space you have, your budget, and your willingness to deal with a propane tank.