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Best 12 Luxury Gift Ideas for Patio Lovers

We tend to think of being outside on our patios in the warm, summer months, but you can get just as much use out of your patio during the winter.

With the right furniture, heaters, and accessories, a patio can become a cozy winter wonderland where you can enjoy the fresh air without freezing.

As you start to make holiday gift lists for friends and relatives, consider some practical items for their patios that will help them enjoy their outdoor space year round.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled the list below of the best gift ideas for patio lovers to winterize their backyard space. Undoubtedly, fire pits, blankets, torches and heaters can dramatically enhance an outdoor space and make it fun even when it’s chilly out. You might just end up wanting to keep some of these gifts for yourself!

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Luxury Patio Gifts to Keep You Warm

The biggest concern with the outdoors in the winter is that it is too cold to properly enjoy the beauty of the season. However, this is easily remedied with just a few key items to create a warm, yet magical patio space.

1. OUTLAND LIVING: Standard Fire Pit

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Standard Fire Pit

This lightweight propane fire pit can go with you whenever you need a little warmth. Our original fire pit is easy to set up and simple to use.
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With lots of types of fire pits on the market, choosing one for a friend isn’t always easy. However, we’re certain they’ll appreciate whatever model you select because a fire pit is the perfect gathering spot outside. It’ll not only keep everyone warm, but also serve as a beautiful focal point for the patio.

Almost anyone can use a lightweight, portable fire pit like the Standard Fire Pit from OUTLAND LIVING. This model doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it can be moved around as needed. As it is fueled by propane gas, it doesn’t make a mess and is really easy to control in regards to flame height.

2. Heated Snow Melting Mat

If you live somewhere that snows a lot, then you know how inconvenient it is to have to shovel your patio every time you step outside. A heated mat that melts snow will make spending time on the patio a lot easier and safer.

The mat heats up and melts the snow so that you don’t have to spend every weekend shoveling. They make it less of a risk to walk and allow you to enjoy your patio to the fullest all winter long.

3. OUTLAND LIVING Yaletown Fire Table

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Yaletown Fire Table

The Yaletown Fire Table embodies sleek, industrial design with two-tone black metal body & tempered glass tabletop, while the compact size is great for areas of limited space.
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If your friend loves to eat outside on their patio, then a fire table is the perfect piece of furniture for them. The Yaletown Fire Table is ideal for two to four guests to gather around with a cup of cocoa or glass of wine.

The fire feature in the center of the table is rated at 50,000 BTU/HR, providing ambiance and warmth with a chrome valve to adjust flame height. One of the best design features of this table is that it can also be used on a summer day -- simply close the glass lid over the top of the fire feature and the table becomes a regular table for dining.

Be sure to take a look at our Fire Pit Dining Table Shopping Guide to explore more features and options for fire tables.

4. OUTLAND LIVING Summerland Stove

Grilling outside in the winter just got a lot easier with the Summerland Stove by OUTLAND LIVING. With three burners and two sturdy prep surfaces, you have everything you need to cook up a delicious meal anytime of the year.

Even if your friend already has an outdoor grill, they probably don’t have one that is portable, as this one is. It folds compactly so that it can be transported and carried easily, whether you’re taking it to your mountain cabin or on a camping trip. When not in use, it can easily be stored in the car or a garage.

Unique Patio Gifts to Enhance Ambiance

patio ambiance gifts

Beyond warmth, you might want to help your friend create a more enchanting space with lighting and ambience. If they are struggling to set the mood for entertaining guests, then the best gift will be one that illuminates the night with a warm glow. Here are some luxury patio gifts that fit the bill.

5. Torches

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20lb Tank Tonga Torch

This torch will set the scene for any evening get-together. Features tri-pod base and includes 10' hose + regulator suitable for a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank.
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Propane-lit torches, like OUTLAND LIVING’s 20LB Tank Tonga Torches are ideal for lighting up the path to your patio. They stand tall at 70.5" with a sturdy tripod base that allows you to move them around and set them up easily.

These are fueled by a 20lb propane gas tank, but if you would like a smaller torch and tank, you can take a look at the 1LB Tank Tonga Torches. Not only do torches light up a dark patio area, but they add a fun aesthetic to BBQ’s and backyard parties.

6. Lanterns

patio gift lantern

Overhead spotlights can be grating on the eyes when it is dark, so having additional light sources that provide more of a subtle glow is a must.

Add rustic charm to any patio space with lanterns that either hang from the ceiling or rest on end tables and the ground. A gift of a lantern or two is an inexpensive way to illuminate your loved one’s patio and make it more enjoyable for them.

7. Portable Speaker

These days, you can find a great portable speaker that will work for both patio dinner parties and indoor events without breaking the bank. Everyone needs at least one high-quality bluetooth speaker to play tunes without having to connect with a cord.

A small portable speaker is a really great gift for anyone with a patio as they can carry it around and set it up easily. Plus, music will greatly enhance the atmosphere outside.

Fun Gift Ideas for Patio Lovers

patio fun gifts

If you want to add a bit of cheer to someone’s patio, then take a look at the following unique patio gifts that will spark conversations and add entertainment.

8. Giant Chess Set

Provide backyard thrills with the gift of a giant chess set. It will not only amaze guests, but it looks cool and is really fun to play all year. You can take a break from sitting around the fire to show your competitive side and challenge your friends to a match.

9. Vertical Garden

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Greenwood Vertical Garden

This convenient space-saving solution provides maintenance-free gardening, consisting of a steel frame with food-safe bins.
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If your friend or relative has a green thumb, but hates having their garden die in the winter, then consider gifting them with a portable vertical garden that can be moved inside when the weather is bad.

OUTLAND LIVING’s Greenwood Vertical Garden is really easy to assemble and doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it can be set up almost anywhere.

The five certified food safe bins make it possible to grow tasty veggies and herbs. Or, if you think they’d prefer a trellis garden, then take a look at OUTLAND LIVING’s Savona Tomato Garden, which is perfect for any type of climbing plant.

Learn more about growing vertical gardens here.

10. Personalized Name Sign

Sometimes, all a space needs is the little details that make it really feel like home. A gorgeous all-weather metal sign with your friend’s last name can be hung as art on their patio. A personalized gift always shows a lot of thought, so we’re certain your friend or loved one will appreciate this unique present.

11. BBQ Kit

Upgrade your friend’s grilling tools with a fancy kit of BBQ tools. Look for a kit with tongs, a spatula, grill scraper, thermometer, and basting brush. You can even find some in beautiful carry bags that make this present more special. This can also be added to the gift of the Summerland Stove as a useful accessory.

12. Hammered Copper Drinks Tub

Anyone who entertains often knows how challenging it can be to keep up with drink demands of guests. Instead of running around trying to make sure everyone’s glass is full, your friend can set all the drinks on ice in a beautiful hammered copper drinks tub.

Hammered copper looks luxurious, and more importantly, it is an excellent thermal conductor that will keep the drinks cold for hours. It works by the same principle as the mugs used for Moscow Mules, only this tub keeps all the drinks cold so your friend can relax while guests serve themselves.

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Final Thoughts on Patio Gifts

Shopping for others can be stressful because you don’t know exactly what they want or need, which is why doing a bit of research before you go shopping is essential.

When it comes to all of the patio gifts listed above, be sure to consider your budget as well as the quality of the item you are interested in purchasing. From small items like a set of BBQ tools to larger furniture like a fire table or stove, gifting patio equipment is thoughtful and practical.

We’re certain that no matter what you choose, your friends and families will be wowed by the uniqueness of your patio gift.