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Fire Pit Dining Table Shopping Guide

Summer is just around the corner, which means the time for outdoor barbecues, parties on the patio, and poolside lounging is almost upon us. A fire pit dining table is the perfect addition to your outdoor space, adding natural warmth to your patio or deck.

There are lots of considerations that you should take into account when looking at outdoor fire pits, so we've compiled a list of important factors to help you make an informed decision. From the construction to the materials, size, shape, and usage, selecting your table requires research and planning. A fire dining table is an investment piece that should last a lifetime, so make sure you select one that is high quality and built to withstand the elements.


Key Considerations for the Construction of a Fire Pit Dining Table

1. Frame

Don't make the mistake of overlooking the construction details of a fire pit dining table, including the frame. While top design aesthetics are important, great functionality is key to enjoying a long-lasting table. The frame is of particular importance as it supports the weight of a table, including all of the interior parts. Before deciding on a table, you should move it around the room to make sure that no parts of the frame appear weak or faulty.

2. Gas

The gas components of your fire pit are what give you the beautifully warm and inviting flame you desire. Using cheap and/or poorly designed components can lead to poor flame profile, excessive noise, and premature wear and tear. If you can, look at reviews for the gas fire pits you are interested in to see if anyone has had problems over the long term. OUTLAND LIVING fire pit tables can be fueled by either a propane tank or natural gas. If you prefer to use natural gas, you can order a natural gas converter. To create even more intrigue with the flames, OUTLAND LIVING fire tables come with clear glass rocks that sparkle as they burn. If you desire a change in the color of rocks, there are three other color options available for purchase.

3. Materials

As the table is going to reside outside, it has to be able to resist wear and tear during year round use, often including harsh weather conditions. The most popular materials used in the construction of the frame are aluminum and steel, which are both good in terms of durability. An aluminum frame will be more lightweight and rust-resistant, however, it is generally more expensive than steel. If you choose a steel frame, it should have a weather resistant protective coating to prevent any rusting. The best option when it comes to quality is powder-coated aluminum, which protects your table against corrosion. The top material of the table should also be hardwearing and resistant to mildew, like a quality resin wicker that won't fall apart after being exposed to the sun or rain. OUTLAND LIVING fire tables are also equipped with a stainless steel burner system that won't create a lot of mess. They can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water after use.

4. Fit and Finish

A high-quality fire table will be easy to assemble, sit square without wobbling, and have no sharp protrusions or metal burrs that might harm someone sitting at the table. As a result of the manufacturing and welding process, sharp bits of metal can protrude out from the frame and cause injury or damage to other components. If you can, get a feel for the product you are interested in by carefully inspecting seams, corners, and pockets for any sharp edges. If you aren't able to see the table in person, take a good look at the pictures. One differentiating feature of OUTLAND LIVING products is the use of hex head rivet nuts at all customer assembly points, which means that once the nut is installed, it cannot turn or spin out of place. This makes assembling OUTLAND LIVING products quick and easy. The connections have solid thread engagement, and you can be confident they will not spin loose.

5. Adaptability

If you want to be able to use your tabletop fire pit for dining, look for a design feature that will allow the fire to be hidden while you eat. OUTLAND LIVING fire tables are able to be converted for use as a regular dining table. To hide the fire feature, simply close the glass lid and your table becomes fully functional for dining purposes.


Selecting the Style of Your Dining Table with Fire Pit

1. Size

To start your fire pit dining table search, you need to have a good sense of what your patio can accommodate. You will want a dining table and patio set that are in proportion with the rest of your back patio. Start by measuring your space and leave a minimum of 45 inches between the edge of your patio and where the backs of chairs would be. Particularly with a table that gives off heat, your guests should be able to move their chairs a good distance backward to relax while enjoying the flames. You should also keep in mind that each guest will require around two feet of space at the table, so if you expect there to be four regular diners, your table should be at least four feet wide.

2. Shape

Once you’ve determined the size, it is much easier to decide on the shape of your table. Rectangular tables are traditionally the most popular as you can seat more people and even add extra chairs on the ends if needed. If your patio is a square shape, a square fire pit table is ideal. Square tables add a level of intimacy for small groups as you are closer together with less space on the table. If you're working with a very small patio, a circular outdoor dining table with fire pit is a cozy choice that is great for conversation.

3. Color

Once you have chosen the type of fire pit dining table you prefer, consider which color choice will look best. A light-colored dining table with fire pit in the middle gives off an airy, minimalist feel while a darker table appears more substantial and luxurious. A brown table can add warmth to your patio, while black is a staple that can blend with any style. As our resin wicker tables are all handcrafted, some color variation might be apparent. This gives each table more of a custom finish as no two tables are completely identical. If you want to further decorate your patio furniture, you can brighten things up with cushions made from colorful fabrics.

Best Fire Pit Dining Tables for Different Occasions

When it comes to choosing your fire pit style, it’s important to consider how you will use the patio dining table with fire pit. Will it only be used at home, or are you going to be hosting people at a restaurant or rooftop? Here are the best fire pit dining tables for each type of setting.

Best Fire Pit Dining Table for a Family

For smaller gatherings, like a family of three or four, an OUTLAND Square Grey Fire Table is perfect for your home patio. This square table is compact enough to fit on many patios and will keep your conversations close so you don’t feel like there is a ton of excess space at the table. The durable wicker is water resistant and won't show signs of wear and tear easily. When you are done with your meal, simply lift the glass lid off the table and you can enjoy the fire pit feature as the sun goes down.

Best Fire Pit Dining Table for a Balcony

Most fire pit dining tables will be too large for a balcony, so you should look for smaller models that can seat only a few people. Our newest dining table with fire pit is a much more compact version that is also more affordable. Made for apartment or townhome patios or a balcony, this fire table is made of powder-coated steel with a glass top.

Best Fire Pit Dining Table for a Restaurant

In a restaurant, it’s always great to have the option of adding another seat to the end of the table if a surprise guest shows up. For this reason, a rectangular table is ideal as it will provide the most space for enjoyment. You can either have the tables set up for dining al fresco, or the fire pit feature can be turned on all evening to create a beautiful ambiance for customers.


OUTLAND LIVING luxury fire tables are a blend of function and aesthetics that are designed with high quality materials that will last. If you want to make the most of your dining table, consider our three-piece fire pit set, which includes a fire table along with glass components and a cover. For any questions about our tables, please contact our customer support team who are happy to answer any further questions you might have. All of our tables come with a one year limited warranty to give you added peace of mind.

Common questions

Do tabletop fire pits give off heat?
Tabletop fire pits do give off heat, so please take caution not to get too close to the flames. When the fire is turned off and the lid is closed, then no heat will be emitted by the table.
Are tabletop fire pits safe?
All reputable fire tables in Canada and the USA should be CSA certified, or equivalent. The CSA requirements ensure that the appliance is safe under most operating conditions.
Can you cook on a fire pit dining table?
You can not cook on a fire pit dining table as they are fueled by propane or natural gas, rather than wood. Don't try to roast marshmallows on fire tables.
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