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Outland Living VS Endless Summer Fire Table [Comparison & Review]

Fire tables are the one of the hottest new decorations for backyard spaces, acting as an attractive centerpiece to patio or deck. Fire tables offer warmth and the ambiance of a classic fire in a classy setting without needing to fiddle with maintaining a wood-burning fire through the evening. 


That said, there are many brands out there now, so knowing which one to go with is critical. Outland Living and Endless Summer, both are leaders in the fire table space, so we're comparing Endless Summer fire pit tables against Outland Living's.

Endless Summer Fire Tables Overview

Endless Summer refers to everything as a fire pit, but most of their products actually would qualify as fire tables. The company has a massive selection for people to choose from and has won several design awards over the years for some of their products, but what are the pros and cons?

Endless Summer Pros

Endless Summer Fire Table Variety

As mentioned above, Endless Summer has many products, which leads to many choices for the original design of the fire pit. Whether you're looking for a distressed wood look or industrial metal, there is going to be an option for you. The only issue that can arise from this is that it can become almost impossible to see every option they have listed online in person, as your local hardware store that may carry some of their products will never be able to carry all of them, and you can't buy the products directly on the Endless Summer website, leading to an occasional struggle getting the one you want.

Price Range

Partially due to variety, Endless Summer fire tables have budget options for an outdoor propane fire pit table. Fire tables are a luxury item with a price tag to match, but some of the smaller or less feature-rich fire tables can be a point of entry for families that wouldn't be able to afford one otherwise. It is worth noting that this is a price range, meaning that Endless Summer products aren’t always going to be cheaper than Outland Living’s!


Once again, partially stemming from variety, Endless Summer fire tables have a wide array of designs and aesthetics, so there will be one that works as an attractive centerpiece to your outdoor living space. No matter what kind of aesthetic you're attempting to match, there will be an Endless Summer option that matches it. Their decorative bases and fire glass are also equivalent to the best in the business.

Endless Summer Cons

Safety Features

Though Endless Summer fire tables do have some key safety features such as an integrated control panel and internal propane storage, they don't excel when it comes to fire safety. Most of their products aren’t made with durable materials like stainless steel, which means that they degrade faster than competing products on the market. Though they have some models that are built with stainless steel, the lack of consistent build quality makes it hard to recommend Endless Summer fire tables to families that are looking to use the product for a long time.

Though all fire tables should be brought inside during heavy storms, stainless steel based fire tables are simply going to last much longer than those that don’t.

Lack of Natural Gas Conversion

If you're looking to connect a fire table to your home natural gas line to save money, you cannot purchase an Endless Summer fire table, full stop. They cannot be connected to natural gas and will not work with anything other than propane. This doesn't affect everyone but can be an absolute deal-breaker for customers looking to avoid paying expensive propane costs. 


Outland Living Fire Tables Overview

Outland Living has the exact opposite approach to fire tables to Endless Summer, as as opposed to a wider variety of products. Like Endless Summer, Outland Living have taken home multiple design awards for their products, but unlike Endless Summer they are able to offer consistent and durable build quality.

High-Quality Materials

Every single one of Outland Living's fire tables is made with stainless steel and aluminum, both of which are extremely durable and weather resistant materials. The products also have a layer of powder coating that further protects them from the weather, meaning that you can be much more confident in exposing an Outland Living fire table to the elements. This is also helped by the fact that all of the Outland Living fire tables have internal storage for a standard 20lb propane tank, meaning you also don't need to worry about leaving a tank exposed if the weather suddenly turns, or tripping over exposed gas hoses in your seating area.

Finally, the stainless steel burner of the Outland Living fire table is specifically worth mentioning, as it ensures a safe, rust-free experience through the entire lifespan of the product, so that you never need to be worried about the fire delivery mechanisms on an Outland Living fire table.

Heat Level and Adjustability

Outland Living offers a line of fire tables between the ranges of 42,500 BTU/h and 50,000 BTU/h - a higher number than many of the Endless Summer models can offer - all with internal storage accommodation for a standard 20lb propane cylinder. Part of what makes this great is that all Outland Living products have a highly adjustable flame, meaning that you can vary the temperature between a medium-sized campfire to an almost unnoticeable warmth on a summer day. The high amount of heat that Outland Living products can offer ensures that they are an attractive centrepiece with serious utility.

Our selection

Granville Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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Accessories and Add Ons

All Outland Living fire tables have access to their core suite of accessories that ensure you can customize it to fit your home's needs. For those with natural gas, there are natural gas conversion kits that let you save on propane. There are glass windshields for windier climates, glass lids to keep debris out of the burn tray when not in use, and 


Though the stainless steel and durability were mentioned above, it's important to also touch on the fact that Outland Living fire tables are CSA approved. They have an incredibly controlled and safe flame that you will be able to use all year round, even in places that can have issues with forest fires. Being CSA approved typically means you can use the Outland Living fire tables during most fire bans. This makes them a fantastic replacement for an outdoor fire pit.


Outland Living know what they are good at and provide four carefully crafted fire tables for your outdoor space. Their four designs are elegant and will fit in with almost any aesthetic, which makes for a simple decision-making process.

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Yaletown Fire Table

The Yaletown Fire Table embodies sleek, industrial design with two-tone black metal body & tempered glass tabletop, while the compact size is great for areas of limited space.
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The best place to purchase an Outland Living product is directly from their online store, which means you’re never going to have to hunt for one at a local hardware store or get frustrated by certain location’s limited selection. Additionally, Outland Living doesn’t have product lines that are discontinued or difficult to find on their website, which makes the shopping process much easier. If you like a product, you can order it!

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Robson Fire Table

Featuring award-winning design, this propane-powered fire table is a perfect combination of functionality and elegance – bringing people together.
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Endless Summer vs Outland: In Conclusion...

While the question of Endless Summer vs Outland Living can seem complicated, the answer is quite simple in the end, with Outland Living products being more consistent and being made from higher-quality materials. Given the choice, Outland Living is the better option for your household for a long lasting and enjoyable Fire Table experience.