Our Story

Founded in 2010 by accomplished business partners Willie Fisher and Frank Fan, FMI Brands Inc. initially supplied Get Lost Wasp natural wasp deterrent, Reusable Roasting Sticks, and the Ban Buster Portable propane fire pit to small business locations across Canada and the USA. The passionate entrepreneurs’ prior experience across multiple enterprises, combined with the in depth knowledge of all aspects of industry, allowed them to think big for FMI Brands Inc. right from the beginning.

FMI Brands Inc. is widely known for the popular Outland Firebowl, which was introduced in 2012, and subsequent other models of portable propane fire pits. Campfire Ban? Bust it! was the tagline of the first model, the Ban Buster, which was picked up by Canadian Tire in 2010. The first full season of 2010 FMI Brands Inc. was headquartered in a small 1000 sq. ft. second floor office space without corresponding warehouse space. Our Salesman/Shipper shipped and received product in and out of one partner’s garage for that successful first season. An office space and 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse was located in spring 2011 and FMI Brands Inc. moved into our current location, with plans to expand again soon. Costco Canada began offering the Outland Firebowl in 2013 and the following season both Costco Canada and USA stocked the Outland Firebowl Deluxe across the majority of store locations.

A large company consisting of a dedicated small core team in Surrey, BC with second office location in Guangzhou, China, FMI Brands Inc. offers quality control and direct supervision on every level from materials sourcing, new product development, to rigorous testing. All elements of production are closely monitored to both exceed the customer’s expectations and provide disruptive value to retail partners. Recognized for both our innovative high-quality products for outdoor living and exceptional customer relations, FMI Brands Inc. continues to grow and diversify the Outland Living brand. With various models of both propane and wood fire pits including must-have accessories, natural wasp deterrent, a self watering Vertical Garden, and new Fire Table centerpiece, FMI Brands Inc. has outdoor living perfected.