FAQ – Propane Fire Tables

Outland Living Question


Why am I currently experiencing difficulties lighting my Outland Living Fire Table using the push start auto-igniter?

If the auto-igniter is not working correctly on your Outland Living Fire Table, please ensure that there is no dust/debris within the gas valve that may impede the igniter cable from making a complete connection. Please check that the igniter cable is also securely inserted via push-fit into the gas valve. Ensure the spark gap is 1/8” from the burner port and has a clear path. Use a dry clean cloth or tissue to very lightly wipe clean igniter tip. Please proceed to turn the push-start control knob past the low flame setting to confirm that the igniter cable is sparking.

Please slowly turn the cylinder valve to the open position- this will ensure the CSA excess flow device in the gas regulator is not tripped during this process.

Slowly turn the push-start control knob and pause momentarily before the ignition spark/click to allow the gas to reach the ignition point. If this did not produce a flame, please attempt to ignite the Fire Table in rapid succession as it may take more than a few attempts to light the 401 Fire Table.

* Please note that the piezo ignition used in the Outland Living Fire Table is a one-time spark igniter and will ignite a spark when you hear the one-time click around the low setting of the control knob.

If the above steps did not rectify the issue, please contact us and we will provide further assistance.


Why is the Soft Cover for the Outland Living Fire Table not fitting correctly?

The Outland Living 793 Soft Cover manufactured for the Outland Living Fire Table was designed with a tapered fit and will fit snug. We have created a Youtube video as a visual presentation for our customers. Please refer to the following link to ensure the most successful application sequence is followed for the 793 Soft Cover.



Is there a Natural Gas Conversion Kit for the Outland Living Fire Table?

Outland Living has recently passed CSA approval for a Natural Gas Conversion Kit. We are currently in the manufacturing process and do not have an exact release date at this time. To receive email updates about promotions and newly released products, please subscribe to our Outland Living newsletter.


Can we use our Outland Living Fire Table on a wood deck?

The Outland Living Fire Table is CSA Approved and must adhere to all CSA safety regulations. We cannot condone the use of this unit on a wood deck as it does not meet the CSA safety requirements for a propane appliance.