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NEW Outland Fire Table – Now in a square shape!


After the success of our Fire Table 401, we looked at customer feedback to create our newest Fire Table 410 – a square version of the same Fire Table that can fit on smaller decks and bring the family closer while dining. Add the beauty and comfort of this stunning high quality Outland Fire Table to the patio, deck, poolside, or other outdoor living space.

Admire the reflection of the dancing flames on the Arctic Ice fire glass and black tempered glass tabletop while keeping cozy within the heating radius of this impressive outdoor centerpiece.

Enjoy approximately 12-16 hours of burn time on a full standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank, dependent on setting of flame height. The 42,500 BTU propane fire table with auto-ignition conveniently conceals a standard 20 lb (5 gallon) propane tank (not included) within its base. Easily access the interior compartment to switch out the propane tank on either side through user friendly access doors with chrome pull rings.

The espresso brown resin wicker base of the fire table compliments other patio furniture and accessories to offer a unified high end outdoor living space.

Sit back and relax with family and friends while entertaining outdoors all year round with the elegant Outland Fire Table Model 410 36” Square.

Water Resistant Black Soft Cover, Tempered Clear Glass Lid insert, and Tempered Clear Glass Wind Fence have an estimated availability date of Spring 2018!


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NEW Tonga Torch: Features and Specs


At Outland Living, we believe that backyards and patios are our personal sanctuaries and they deserve the best in decorative fires. We brought you the Outland Fire Table and a range of propane firepits to accessorize your backyard and now we are going one step further – garden torches!

Check out all the features of the Tonga Torch:

Light and Portable:  This torch sets up quick and easy anywhere outdoors for a dramatic flame with powerful ambiance. Don’t settle for just using it in the garden, take it camping, on picnics and to the beach too!

Standing height of 71″:  That’s 6 ft tall! Tri-pod footprint of 33.5″ diameter.

Use with any size propane tank: A standard 20 lb tank gives you approximately 60 hours of burn time at the highest flame setting.

CSA Approved: We care about your safety and make sure our products undergo thorough testing before it gets to your hands. The Tonga Torch burns at 7,000 BTU and includes a pre-attached 10 ft low pressure hose and regulator, ready to be used with any propane tank.

Long Lasting Durability: Rugged high temperature powder coated steel construction with high heat enamel wind guard offers our signature Outland long lasting durability.

Don’t wait for next spring to get this because you’ll love it in the fall and winter too!

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NEW Summerland Stove: Features and Specs


From the makers of the Outland Firebowl comes a portable camp stove to accommodate all your camping and glamping needs.

We love family camping and our goal is to make your family camps easy and enjoyable. Check out all the features on our new camp stove:

Removable Legs: Use it freestanding or stick it on a tabletop! The legs stow away neatly to create a more practical profile for storage and transport. Convenience of 31” standing operation height with 1” adjustable leg height.

Two 17″ x 16.25″ Prep Surfaces: 2 hinged lids fold out to create sturdy chef prep surfaces that hold up to 80 lbs each!

593 Square Inches of Grill Area: Finally, a camp stove that you can cook for the family on! Our grill area accommodates most 16” grill top cooking accessories.

4 Hook Utensil Holder: Talk about bringing the comforts of home with you! Have your favorite grilling tools at the ready with the help of the 4-hook utensil holder attached to the right prep surface.

CSA Approved: We care about your safety and make sure our products undergo thorough testing before it gets to your hands. The Summerland Stove comes pre-attached with a 3 ft hose and regulator, ready to be used with a propane tank.

The Summerland Stove also comes with a Collapsible Wind Screen, 3 High Powered 30,000 BTU Cast Aluminum Burners that cook to perfection and innovative and reliable jet start flame thrower Auto Ignition to ensure a quick start to perfect outdoor meals.

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NEW Cypress Firebowl: Features and Specs

We’re on a mission to make the best portable propane firepit and our new Cypress Firebowl is one step closer to perfection! This particular model is an improvement on our Deluxe Firebowl and here’s how:

Lower Profile: This ensures that the heat starts rising closer to the ground, giving you maximum time, exposure and campfire satisfaction!

21″ Diameter: Compared to the 19″ diameter on our smallest, lightest Outland Firebowls, the Cypress allows you to put more people around the campfire. Combined with a lower profile, it is sure to give you all the heat you need on a cold night outside.

Helios stainless steel burner technology: This new type of burner ensures a fuller and more natural flame.

So there you have it, folks – we are one step closer to safer fires that feel just like the real thing and some would say even better! All heat, no smoke and the quickest campfire money can buy is just one click away!

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Is Your Outland Firebowl Producing a Low Flame?

Is your Outland Firebowl producing a low flame?

Producing a low flame is a very common issue that folks seem to have with the Outland Firebowls. Fortunately, there is an easy fix and an even easier method to prevent a low flame in the first place!

How to never have a low flame:

Let’s start with prevention. You should never have a low flame if you follow the proper procedures to turn your Firebowl on and off. Just like a barbeque, the Firebowl needs to build up some pressure before releasing gas and burn off the gas that has come out of the propane tank before turning off.

Follow these steps to make sure you are doing it right!

To turn on:

  1. Make sure that the knob on your Outland Firebowl is in the ‘Off’ position.
  2. Open the valve on the propane tank all the way.
  3. Wait 15 seconds, then turn the knob on your Outland Firebowl counter-clockwise to the larger flame icon.
  4. If you have a Premium or Kerrisdale Firebowl, the Auto-Ignite feature will light the flame for you.
  5. For all other Outland Firebowls, hold a barbeque lighter above the rocks and ignite the fire.

To turn off:

  1. Close the propane tank valve all the way. The fire should extinguish by itself.
  2. Wait 15 seconds, then turn the knob on your Outland Firebowl clockwise to the ‘Off’ position.

How to reset your Firebowl:

If you are having a low flame issue, try following these steps to reset your Outland Firebowl.

  1. Ensure valves on both the Outland Firebowl and propane tank are closed. Safety first!
  2. Open valve on Firebowl to ensure any residual pressure is released.
  3. Close the valve on the Outland Firebowl.
  4. Disconnect the hose from the propane tank.
  5. Re-connect the hose to the propane tank.
  6. Slowly open the propane tank valve a couple of turns.
  7. Re-ignite the Outland Firebowl following the Outland Firebowl manual instructions.

Why does this issue happen?

Interested in knowing the Science behind this problem? It all has to do with the excess flow safety valve in the hose connecting the Outland Firebowl to the propane tank.

The safety valve is a CSA required safety mechanism that prevents gas leaks. In a nutshell, when the Firebowl is turned on before the valve on the propane tank is loosened, the gas escapes the tank at a high speed and triggers the spring inside the safety valve mechanism. This causes the mechanism to attempt to stop the gas flow out of the tank because it thinks that there is a leak in the hose.


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Win Our End of Summer Giveaway

Outland Living is excited to announce our End of Summer Giveaway! 


End of Summer GiveawayFrom now until September 5th, you can win yourself an Outland Firebowl Deluxe! The Outland Firebowl Deluxe comes with the Cover and Carry Kit and is perfect if you are facing burn bans in your area.

Since the drastic heat causes burn bans in certain areas, and as we are not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet…we decided another contest was in order!

Over the next week, make sure to complete the following to win the giveaway:

Extra entries are given for those who

  • Follow us on Twitter (@outlandliving, #outlandliving)
  • Follow us on Instagram (@outlandliving, #outlandliving)

On both of those platforms we discuss new product information and burn bans warnings.

As the Outland Firebowl Deluxe is propane based, CSA Approved and smoke-free, what better than to send one off to a valued customer during our End of Summer Giveaway?

That way, even if summer is ending soon, the campfire memories will last in a safer and more versatile way.

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Burn Bans: The Safe Way to Beat Them

Don’t get beat by the burns bans; the latest burn bans are going to make an impact on everyone this summer.

As of August 17th at noon, campfires will be prohibited in all areas of the Coastal Fire Centre. This covers the following areas: the Lower Mainland, Coast Mountain Range from the U.S.-Canada border at Manning Park, the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands. Excluded are Haida Gwaii and the “Fog Zone.”

 Burn Bans

According to, the “Fog Zone,” is ‘a stretch of land two kilometres wide that runs from Owen Point near Port Renfrew to the district boundary of Port Hardy.’

As you can tell, this will be effecting a massive amount of people in our province! Not only is it ruled out for the rest of summer, but also until October 21st.

The burn bans have been announced and is being taken incredibly seriously. This is due to the increased temperatures and call for no rain forecasted for the Coast Fire region. This means public parks, private properties and Crown lands are covered in this ban.


Burn Bans

What isn’t allowed until October?

  • campfires, as defined by the Wildfire Regulation (burning of woody debris)
  • open fires (using woody debris) in an outdoor stove
  • tiki torches
  • the use of fireworks, firecrackers, sky lanterns, burning barrels or burning cages of any size or description
  • the use of binary exploding targets (e.g. for rifle target practice)

Now, this might be a buzzkill for you and your friends and family. We have the obvious answer for you: go propane. Quick, easy, smoke-free…and no wood in sight! Everything about the Outland Firebowl will save you the heart break when enjoying the rest of your warm sunny evenings and outdoor adventures. CSA Approved and safe to burn almost everywhere.

Don’t get burned by the burn bans this season; stay updated, and burn smoke free.Burn Bans

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Grills Gone Wild: Collaborating with CFOX

Grills Gone WildOutland Living loves collaborating with partners who share similar values; if you have an important message, use your voice to get it out there. When CFOX asked to join in on their Grills Gone Wild activation, we couldn’t say no! We are big fans of their station, and their demographic is filled with campers, hikers, and party-throwers!

CFOX has helped so much with getting the good word out about Outland Living on their show! They have helped broadcast the benefits of burning clean and smoke free with CSA Approval during burn bans, a reality in lots of areas throughout the country. So when the opportunity came to amplify that message and give some Outland Firebowls to some dedicated and loyal CFOX listeners…well, we were all for it!

Collaborating with Grills Gone Wild

According to, Grills Gone Wild is where you can “join the Jeff O’Neil Show for Free BBQ Breakfast,” as well as win amazing prizes like the Outland Firebowl (if we do say so ourselves). They even brought out the Outland Fire Table for one of their events in front of the broadcast booth to create more buzz. The Outland Fire Table is great for those who prefer to host backyard parties instead of camp; and is also CSA Approved.

Grills Gone Wild

This partnership started in the spring with CFOX, with on air giveaways to their much anticipated, annual Grills Gone Wild! An approximate 5000 cars drove through five of Grills Gone Wild events and the CFOX team even stated that the chatter about our Outland Firebowl was constant!

Grills Gone Wild

We couldn’t be happier to educate people on a safe way to burn in this crazy heat. All in all, this event was such a success for Outland Living. Grills Gone Wild serves thousands of listeners in the Lower Mainland! Thanks to the momentum of this action-packed event and the starting of our CFOX ads (did you hear one?) running on air, we feel like we contributed our part in educating those in the province.

It’s not going to get colder for a few more months- areas in Upper British Columbia and Alberta can get up to over 40 degrees! It’s easy to burn safe, for not only you but for everyone! The Outland Firebowl is the perfect, propane alternative and won’t make you miss a wood fire. We couldn’t have spread the word better than with the help of CFOX, and we thank them for that!

Grills Gone Wild

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Outland Fire Table: Enhance Your Backyard Ambience

The Outland Fire Table enhances your backyard ambience, perfectly. However, by now you must be used to the team gushing to you about our Outland Firebowl. Safe, portable, smoke free…perfect for the backyard or even better- the camper. What’s to complain about?

Well, what if you’re not a camper? That IS possible, after all, you don’t have to be adventure lovers to enjoy high quality outdoor furniture.

The Outland Fire Table by Outland Living

This is how you’re introduced to the Outland Fire Table by Outland Living. Enjoying a nice glass of wine on the patio? Having a few friends over for dinner? Throwing a backyard party with family? There is no way to create a better ambience than investing in this luxury piece.

Outland Fire Table

With the ability to burn for approximately 12-16 hours on a full 20lb propane tank, the Outland Fire Table shares a theme with the rest of our products; CSA Approved, while burning clean and smokeless. This is perfect for get togethers or nights with the kids when you don’t have time to worry about firewood or smokey patios! You can also get creative; the piece is perfect to bring to a cabin, smaller back porch or balcony if you find the space.

If you find you’re too warm, adjust the heat and watch the flames dance on the clear decorative glass for hours. Not only will the Outland Fire Table keep you warm and toasty, but it’s a conversation piece; it’s espresso brown resin wicker compliments other patio furniture to offer a unified living space. Gather your friends around, relax with a drink and even tell campfire stories in a more modern way!

We want you to be the happiest with our products; we believe in high quality items for lower price, and we also believe in making memories while in a safe environment. We can not wait to see and hear how you’re entertaining guests and enhancing your backyard ambience with the Outland Fire Table.


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Outland Firebowl: Completing Your Summer Trips

Outland Firebowl

The Outland Firebowl doesn’t just provide portable heat, but memories. With the long weekend just passing by in both Canada and the U.S., we’ve seen dozens of photos and articles about how to celebrate these festivities with your friends and family. Often among these lists are heading up to the lake, or adventuring on a jam-packed camping trip.

Surprise: you can do this any weekend throughout the year, as long as you are up for it!

You don’t need a specific occasion to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and relax. Outland Living believes in embracing everyday adventures, while still being safe!

What isn’t a surprise is that a much needed getaway requires a few key components, starting with great company. It doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you’re with people who make the trip memorable. Whether you’re an overnight hiker, RV hauler or into tenting with family, what is important is staying safe and keeping warm. The sun doesn’t stick around forever!

Outland Firebowl: Portable and perfect for getaways

This last weekend a member of the Outland Living team camped in upper British Columbia and let us know that the weather was never consistent! Yet, a little rain never hurt anybody, especially with all the forest fires that happened this spring. No matter what you have planned for your trip, one evening ritual stays the same before bed: a camp fire.

Now, despite a few rain drops in the Pacific Northwest this July, burn bans are still relevant. You may have a private property, or you may rent campsites at resorts where burning open fires are not allowed. If this is the case, often people try and plan last minute to relocate their weekend getaway. Or worse, cancel altogether.

Outland Living is here to fill you in on a secret: you don’t have to cancel or relocate. You just need to invest in a propane, smoke-free Outland Firebowl.

Outland Firebowl

How the Firebowl Saves You the Hassle

Why? Because it’s CSA Approved, meaning you can warm up anywhere during most burn bans. Bonus points include: not smelling like fire smoke, not needing to scorn white rabbits and not forcing yourself to stay up to ensure your fire burns out completely.

It also saves you money; perfect for a long weekend, the Outland Firebowl lasts 8-12 hours while burning on high when using a standard 20 lb propane tank. Besides, who wants to buy more and more fire wood? Our natural lava rocks will last you quite a few uses, and stay conveniently stored in the Outland Firebowl after burning.

Save yourself the time too; with a barbecue lighter and a few clicks, you’re all set! Our team member was able to light her Outland Firebowl up in thirty seconds and turn it off even faster! She waited for her Firebowl to cool down for a few minutes, then putting on the lid and storing it away for the night. Effortless and portable, a regular wood fire wasn’t missed at all.

Outland Living

Make sure to invest in memories that can be made anywhere this summer on your getaways, with an Outland Firebowl. No matter the adventure; camping at a provincial park, cabin at the lake or even a backyard party. Don’t let the burn bans stop you from sharing campfire stories, warming up and keeping smoke free.