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Father’s Day Contest Winner

A week before Father’s Day, Outland Living brought forward a contest to their Facebook page: giving away one Outland Firebowl to one lucky father figure. We have captioned it: A Deluxe for Dad

Reading Your Father’s Day Entries

What we didn’t expect to read were dozens of heartwarming stories, day after day until the contest was closed. It is such a moving experience reading each customer’s entries this past week. When we create contests, we never know how it will be reciprocated. It is easy to say “pick me!” and for us to draw a name out of a hat, giving away a product. This time was different though; this time, you  have all shared your stories and goals regarding the love for your dad. That is something we thank you for sharing. We are posting some of our favourites from the contest, although all entries we read we love:

Father's Day entry 1

Father's Day entry 2

Father's Day Entry 3   Father's Day Entry 4

We personally thank every customer, loyal and new for sharing their stories with us and entering the Father’s Day contest. We feel with complete confidence that the winning Dad will love the Outland Firebowl Deluxe to enjoy with his kids! We wish you seasons worth of new memories around your new Firebowl!

On that note, we think it is only fair to share the winner’s post. Congratulations to A Elizabeth Stackhouse and her husband for winning an Outland Firebowl Deluxe to use with their two boys! Happy Father’s Day!

Father's Day contest


*We ask for the winner to please contact us via Facebook message or

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GIVEAWAY: Outland Living + Backroad Mapbooks

BRMB + Outland Living Giveaway

It’s time for a GIVEAWAY! Outland Living is ecstatic to join Backroad Mapbooks in celebrating their new and improved map book! It covers Cottage Country Ontario and Algonquin Park, and what’s better to bring to the cottage than products from Outland Living?

The winner will take home one of Backroad Mapbooks biggest prize packs ever! They are giving lucky fans involved a chance to win some great prizes! Including: a stay at Barry’s Bay Cottages, a self-guided trip with Algonquin Bound, a CSA Approved Mega Outland Firebowl, and a Vertical Garden by Outland Living! You don’t want to miss this giveaway!

How to enter the giveaway! It is easy!

Backroad Mapbooks and Outland Living Giveaway

STEP 1: Like Algonquin Bound Facebook Page
STEP 2: Like Outland Firebowl Facebook Page
STEP 3: Share and like this post to make sure it counts!

Best of luck to all that enter! Contest runs until June 30th!

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Win a Deluxe for Dad!

Win a Deluxe for Dad

Win a Deluxe for Dad!

With Fathers Day just around the corner, Outland Living is excited to announce another contest! We are giving away ONE Outland Firebowl Deluxe to ONE lucky Dad! This includes not only the Outland Firebowl but also the Cover + Carry kit, perfect and portable for camping and road trips!

How to enter:

  1. LIKE our Facebook page and SHARE the original contest post that is pinned to our page!
  2.  Enter any special Dad in your life by COMMENTING BELOW the original contest post: Why they deserve to win an Outland Firebowl Deluxe? Why are they special to you?


3. FOLLOW us on Instagram and Twitter! Those that LIKE, SHARE and FOLLOW both our platforms will have double the chances of winning!

4. Make sure to let us know at the end of the comment when you’ve completed these steps!

The contest will end the same day the winner is announced, which is Friday June 17th!

Good luck to everyone, especially to the hardworking dads out there!

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CSA approval: mandatory for summer

CSA approval during burn ban season

As the year goes on, CSA approved products, especially fire pits, are becoming more and more vital. It was a shock to all of Canada when Fort McMurray’s wildfire destroyed nearly 10% of the city, almost 2,500 structures and grew into three times the size of Edmonton. More than 80,000 residents were forced to evacuate their homes, and are slowly starting to return this week to rebuild. Although tragic, we as a nation came together and helped those that lost everything last month. As the evacuees arrive back to Fort McMurray we must remind ourselves that burn bans are evident and should be taken seriously. According to, BC suffers from approximately 2,000 wild fires a year. Luckily these wildfires can be contained with help of crews within 24 hours at times, but this does not stop them from starting.

CSA Approved Outland Firebowl Premium

If you’re like us at Outland Living, you have a passion for camping or exploring. Taking the RV up to the lake may be family tradition, or having a bonfire in the backyard is a favourite for your kids. These are all loved activities during the summer months and we don’t blame you for your excitement!

We simply feel as though we have a role to play as a company, or even a public service to fulfill. Outland Living wants to educate how to enjoy a camp fire in a safe way for everyone. By everyone, we don’t just mean those warming up around the fire during these activities- we also mean safe for your neighbourhood or town. It takes one prohibited campfire to start a wildfire, and as drastic as this might seem it is important to practice safe burning.

That is why all of Outland Living’s products (every single one) are CSA approved. For those who don’t know the definition, CSA stands for Canadian Standards Association which has labels on “top of the line quality products that deliver exactly what is expected of them.” If a product is CSA approved, rest assured it had to pass rigorous tests under various conditions to have that label. At Outland Living, we pride ourselves by manufacturing high quality, CSA approved products for a cheaper price than competitors. Everything from our Outland Fire Table to our Natural Gas Conversion Kits are approved. You do have to be careful; if you break or alter the use of a product, such as using a longer hose or burning with a different size propane tank, the CSA approval is not in use. However, unless a municipality specifies a restriction on all portable fire pits, the Outland Living Firebowl is approved for use during burn bans!

Remind yourself the importance of safe burning this summer, especially if visiting or living in a hot, dry destination. Recently, Outland Living received a call from a resident of Fort McMurray who evacuated their home. While staying at an RV Park until they were allowed back home, they gave us a call to order a part for their Outland Firebowl. They brought up their recent circumstances and let us know their love for the Outland Firebowl, which has helped them to keep warm when away from their homes. This conversation humbled us as a company, and we realize that the use of our product would not be possible for them if not for it’s CSA approval. We highly suggest investing in CSA approved products this summer, and promise you will not be disappointed with the Outland Firebowl.

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Why It’s Wise to Get Outside

Longer days, hotter hours and dozens of activities outside to fill up your time.

If you haven’t planned a camping or road trip yet, we ask you: what is stopping you from getting outside? Drop the phone, log off your computer and exercise your mind by breathing in the fresh air.

We understand dropping off the face of the earth and diving into the great outdoors can be easier said than done. Life gets busy, you get work calls on the weekends and if you have kids, they are your world. We get that, but what we often forget is that it is okay to put yourself first sometimes! If that means going outside, then even better! Grab the kids, throw on the hiking boots, pack your Outland Firebowl and get cozy. Being outside is a great form of therapy and we’re here to explain how.Why It's Wise to Get Outside

According to recent studies, kids today spend half the time playing outdoors and being active as children twenty years ago. That is a scary decrease, but is no wonder due to the rapid growth of accessible household technology. That being said, we aren’t exactly expecting kids to stop what they are doing and go on a hike or a run. We aren’t here to raise your kids, but we do encourage a good old camping trip! Swimming, outdoor games, biking or walking on trails are all beneficial to the body and mind, and we’re all about enjoying the outdoors in a safe manner.

Apparently, North Americans spend 92% of their time inside, and that sort of breaks our hearts. With a continent as beautiful as ours, with the diverse hikes and lakes, it feels as though we humans are failing. You don’t have to be a hiker or a fan of glacier water to enjoy the outdoors however! Things as simple and enjoyable as a camping trip or a walk on a trail are so beneficial for us!

A report in 2010 in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology states that doing simple outdoor activities, even if just five minutes worth, can increase our mental health by a landslide! Even going outside with your family after work and relaxing around the Outland Firebowl is a great start! It helps everyone cool off from their work week and allows them to catch up with their loved ones…all while enjoying the outdoors.

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Vertical Garden – self watering patio furniture

We are proud to introduce our newest  product, the Vertical Garden by Outland Living! Before launching on later this week, we are asking our valued customers to give us their honest feedback on our latest innovation.

While this product will only be for our Canadian shoppers as of now, we do plan on expanding over to the United States. That being said, you can’t give us proper feedback without knowing more about the Vertical Garden, so allow us to give you the details:

Facts and functionalities of the Vertical Garden:

Vertical Garden by Outland LivingThe Vertical Garden serves as a high end piece of patio furniture all while being functional! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, you may plant your healthy, organic seeds and greens with the vertically aligned patio boxes.

All 4 bins contains a water reservoir with water level indicators for your harvest. That means, it self-waters your herbs, veggies and flowers for up to a week so you don’t have to!

Vertical Garden by Outland Living

Each bin is 36” in length with an 8” depth.  Also, the Vertical Garden provides twelve feet of gardening in 6 square feet of patio space. The garden is powder coated with a steel frame and is wrapped in espresso
resin wicker.

The Vertical Garden by Outland Living is convenient, sustainable and adds little bit of outdoor luxury to your backyard.

Let us know on our Facebook page your thoughts and questions, we would love to hear your feedback. You can anticipate the arrival to later this week!

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Outland Living + American Heart Association

An Evening with Heart
An Evening with Heart

It is true that Outland Living holds a passion for innovation and safe-to-use products. However, we also hold a passion for people’s well being and we want to make a change. We are so proud to contribute to a touching cause put on by the American Heart Association. Outland Living has donated to An Evening with Heart, a gala styled fundraiser in Seattle that promotes the lifesaving work of the American Heart Association.

Outland Living Fire Table
Outland Living Fire Table

This Saturday, April 23rd, there will be influential leaders from the corporate, philanthropic and medical communities. A healthy dinner is provided, following a dance with a James Bond theme! Their mission for the evening? Raise money, and stop the #1 killer-heart disease.

It is so important to contribute to causes that mean something to you. If you so wish to donate, help out An Evening with Heart and donate here. Outland Living loves to give back, and so we donated a Fire Table for their silent auction. We can’t wait to send it to the generous bidder and are so happy to collaborate with the American Heart Association!





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Outland Living: Don’t Get Busted at the Border

Outland Living Border Blog


The Outland Firebowl is an absolute must when camping across the border, and we can back that up.

It’s almost May, and that means May Long Weekend is just around the corner. Since we at Outland Living are local to Vancouver, B.C., we know that a lot of our friends, family and customers are packing up their trucks + RVs to go camping! While packing your bags and loading up your vehicle, all seems to be at ease. You can’t wait to be taking off for the weekend to get out into nature, we feel you. We’re excited too, but it’s important to be prepared.

When it comes down to what you want for an ideal camping experience, the answer is simple: tents, food, canoes or kayaks…and a campfire. Without a doubt, when you go camping you know right off the bat you’re bringing marshmallows and getting warm around some twigs and branches. Unfortunately, that dream can not become a reality when travelling across the US Border. According to, “firewood cannot be brought into the U.S. from Canada.”

That’s right, if you packed up a bundle of wood, you’re going to have to toss it. But how come? Well, the answer is actually quite fair: Invasive Species. According to, “Ivasive species are insects, plants and diseases that become established in areas to which they are not native and whose impact is likely to be harmful to the environment, economy or human health.”

So here’s how you can play your part, while not wasting money or time by constantly buying more firewood locally: propane.

Outland Firebowl Premium

The Outland Firebowl has many features that will ensure you have an effortlessly enjoyable camping trip:

  1. Safety. The Outland Firebowl is safe to use during most campfire bans, as you can bring the warmth and experience of a campfire with you anywhere!
  2. Endurance. You can run your Outland Firebowl for approximately 8-12 hours on high, with a 20 lb propane tank! Perfect for a weekend.
  3.  Strength. Our Outland Firebowls are constructed from high quality steel with a protective powder coating and enamel finish for long lasting durability. That means, it’s going to last for a while, as long as you don’t run it over.
  4. Heat: Our 58,000 BTU Firebowls are CSA approved and burn smoke-free. Wait, what was that? Let’s state that again: they all burn clean and smokeless.
  5. Simple to use: Outland Firebowls are easy to set up and portable to bring for the ride! With natural lava rocks, a 10ft hose and regulator, all you really need is to provide is your tank and your BBQ lighter! We’ll supply the rest with our easy to read manual.

What do you really have to lose? The Outland Firebowls set up and take down are done in seconds, and they will get you warm even quicker! Consider beating the border bust and bring a propane Firebowl. We even have a Facebook contest running until April 18th to get $50 off your Outland Firebowl when buying through our website.

Happy camping, friends! Make sure to stay prepared so you can enjoy your weekend around a strong campfire!



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Contest: Win $50 off you next Outland Firebowl

Outland Living is holding another contest, and we thought we’d give you the option to choose what you win! You can enter to win $50 off ANY Outland Firebowl of your choosing, until we draw the winner of April 18th!

Interested? We thought so. With May long weekend around the corner, we have a hunch you’ll need a campfire when planning your trip. Why not save some money before you shop and enter our contest?

Before we pick the lucky contest winner next Monday, here’s how you can enter to WIN!Outland Firebowl Contest

  • Comment on our Facebook contest post WHY you should win: How would you use your Outland Firebowl? Would you use it for your patio, backyard parties, camping? Give us a little insight, we want to hear!
  • Tell us which Firebowl you’d buy: Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Mega or Kerrisdale! The differences between each can be found on our website’s comparison chart.
  • Show us love on social media: like/share the Facebook contest + like our page, and follow our Instagram/Twitter.

    The contest only applies to Firebowl products. Best of luck!

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Outland Firebowl: Know the Difference

You’re walking through Costco with your family, your shopping cart stacked in groceries and snacks. Summer is coming, which means camping season is one step ahead of you.

You move away from the food aisles and your kids start asking you if they can go to the lake this weekend.  They are practically bouncing as they talk campfire stories and s’mores. Yet, you hate the smell of smoke, white rabbits annoy you and there is usually a burn ban in your area. What are you supposed to say? Camping isn’t much without a campfire.

That’s when you stroll pass the Outland Firebowl. At first you shrug while walking passed the colorful display, but then you take a second look. You’re intrigued by how the Firebowl burns clean, smokeless while remaining CSA approved. Its perfect for the burn bans and campfire smoke hater. You consider it, but head to the register.

You think back about what you saw while shopping and realize it may be nice for heading up to the lake. Typing in our website, you come across a chart with five different Firebowls on it! You figured there was only one, and now are unable to remember which one you saw at Costco. What’s truly the difference? Lets break it down.

Outland Firebowls


  • The Outland Firebowl Standard, Premium and Deluxe are all 19 inches and best for storing in an RV. The Outland Firebowl Mega is 24 inches, the Outland Firebowl Kerrisdale is 30 inches!
  • The Outland Firebowl Standard is the smallest, at 21lbs, followed by the Deluxe at 24lbs, the Premium at 24.5lbs, the Mega at 34lbs and the Kerrisdale at 39lbs. So, feel free to have the biggest in the backyard!


  • All Outland Firebowls are manual ignition, EXCEPT the Outland Firebowl Premium and Outland Firebowl Kerrisdale. They have auto ignitions.
  • Despite difference in size, they all give off the same amount of heat. All models have a BTU of 58, 000!
  • Every model comes with a 10ft hose and regulator, propane tank & stabilizer ring as well as natural lava rocks.


  • The Outland Firebowl Deluxe and Premium are the only two that offer a cover & carry kit. The Kerrisdale and Mega includes weather resistant cover.
  • All have a Natural Gas Conversion Kit available, except the Outland Firebowl Kerrisdale– that is coming soon!
  • All are compatible with the Outland Firebowl propane tank cover.

Now that you know the differences, aside from the chart, you’re able to check out, or Costco and order what you find more convenient! Whether its for camping, storing in the RV, making your own backyard fire pit or party hosting! Enjoy your Outland Firebowl.