Outland Living Question

Our question for you: Got a low flame?

If your Firebowl experiences low flame, or flame height does not appear to be normally adjusted by the gas knob, don’t panic!  Its just likely that the CSA excess flow safety device has been tripped in the hose regulator.

Corrective steps are as follows:

  1. Ensure valves on both the Outland Firebowl and propane tank are closed. Safety first!
  2. Open valve on Outland Firebowl to ensure any residual pressure is released.
  3. Close the valve on the Outland Firebowl.
  4. Disconnect the hose from the propane tank.
  5. Re-connect the hose to the propane tank.
  6. Slowly open the propane tank valve a couple of turns.
  7. Re-ignite the Outland Firebowl following the Outland Firebowl manual instructions.

If those steps do not answer your question, please feel free to contact us.

Question: why does my 20lb propane tank freeze over after burning for a short period of time?

Answer: There are a couple possible reasons, first is warm local temperature and second is that the propane cylinder is getting low and needs filling. Both may cause freezing in isolation, but together, may speed up freezing.

Question: How do I clean my burner tube?

Answer: Using a screw driver, remove the four screws that hold the valve housing to the Firebowl. This will allow the entire housing to come off, exposing the burner tube. Examine for any obstructions and clean thoroughly with a pipe cleaner.

Question: Can marshmallows and hot dogs be cooked over a propane Outland Firebowl?

Answer: The propane Outland Firebowls are not CSA approved as a cooking appliance, so we cannot condone it.

Question: Can the propane Outland Firebowls be converted to natural gas?

Answer: Yes, all Outland Firebowls and the Outland Living Fire Table can be converted to natural gas. Natural Gas Conversion Kits are available for manual and auto ignition Firebowls. Natural Gas Conversion Kits for our Outland Living Fire Table and Outland Firebowl Kerrisdale are coming soon.

Question: What is the warranty on an Outland Firebowl or Outland Living Fire Table?

Answer: All propane appliances come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Question: Are there replacement parts available if needed?

Answer: Yes, if you need a replacement part please visit: http://www.outlandliving.com/parts/ to answer your question.

Question: Do I need to place a protective non-combustible surface below my Outland Firebowl when in use?

Answer: Yes, you must place a protective non-combustible surface below your Outland Firebowl when in use.

Question: Are the Outland Firebowls and Outland Living Fire Table CSA approved?

Answer: Yes, they are are. All Outland Firebowls, the Outland Living Fire Table, and all Natural Gas Conversion Kits have been tested. They meet all North American standards by an accredited CSA standards testing agency.

Question: How long will my Outland Firebowl or Outland Living Fire Table operate using a standard 20lb/5.28 US Gallon LP tank?

Answer: This is all dependent on the flame height setting. All Outland Firebowls will last approximately 8-12 hours while burning on high. The Outland Living Fire Table will last approximately 12 hours. This is based on the average full 20 lb propane tank, containing approximately 430,000 BTU’s worth of fuel.

Question: What transport and storage solutions are available for Outland Firebowls?

Answer: Our Outland Carry Bag and Outland Cover & Carry Kit fit the standard Outland Firebowl, Outland Firebowl Deluxe, and Outland Firebowl Premium. An Outland Carry Bag for the Outland Firebowl Mega is coming soon.

Question: Can I use a propane tank other than 20lbs to fuel the Firebowl?

Answer: The Outland Firebowls are only CSA approved to be used with a standard 20lb tank. We cannot recommend the use of other types of tanks.

Question: Can I use fake logs, fire glass, etc in the Firebowl instead of the provided Lava Rocks?

Answer: The Outland Firebowls are only CSA approved to be used with the Lava Rocks provided in the packaging and we cannot recommend the use of other third party products inside the Firebowl.

Question: My Outland Firebowl was in storage over the winter season and is not working.

Answer: If the firebowl is stored over the winter season, spiderwebs may form in the burner tube and there will be an obstruction. To check if there is an obstruction, take off the control knob and unscrew the exposed screws underneath. Remove the valve cover and the valve will essentially drop out. Using a flashlight look up the burner tube and using a pipe cleaner ensure that there is no obstruction present. An obstruction can also be the rock dust and particles with the burner tube over time as they build up.

Question: Why is my Fire Table not igniting?

Answer:If the igniter is not working, please ensure that the igniter cable has been attached via push-fit to the gas valve, as shown as page 6 of the Outland Fire Table manual. Should the appliance fail to ignite on the first try, promptly repeat the ignition attempt within 5 seconds. If the second attempt fails to ignite the Fire Table, then rotate the knob to the “off” position and wait 5 minutes before attempting to ignite again.

Turn the gas valve off at the cylinder and inspect the ignition cable to ensure it is free from debris. After waiting for 5 minutes, visually inspect the spark by rotating the knob to high without turning the gas back on at the cylinder.

Ensure the spark gap is 1/8” from the burner port and has a clear path. Once you ensure the ignitor is operating properly, repeat the ignition sequence.

Question: Why is my Fire Table’s Vinyl Cover leaking?

Answer: The cover is weather resistant and should not leak in moderate conditions. We have noticed that condensation will build up on the interior of the Fire Table due to the fitted nature of the vinyl cover. As such, it has been mistaken for leaking. To mitigate this issue we do recommend putting something under the cover to create more of a slope and to allow air to circulate under the cover – we have found that a soda can does the trick.